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Lasers: Facts and Information LASERS: Facts and Information Facts Einstein was the first person to established the possibility of laser beams "LA.S.E.R" "Laser" is actually an acronym: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation Top 3 Industries for Lasers Defense Manufacturing Medical • 1960 First optical laser built by Theodore Maiman using ruby crystals History 1960s , General Motors Research Labs begin developing and using CAD software 1961 Columbia , University uses the ruby laser to perform surgery • 1964 Bell Labs creates the first CO2 laser 1965-1970 : First laser cutter used to ..... cut metals and textiles 1982 . MIT Labs produces a 1986 . First rapid prototyping processes.. titanium laser are developed 1996 ..Lawrence Livermore National Labs build a petawatt laser 2006 • Silicon lasers are invented 5 2008 . Sony uses high precision blue lasers to make high quality media format 2013+ 4.0 In 2010, the Lawrence 3.5 Livermore National Labs 3.0 fired a 1-megajoule laser. In 2012, they built 2.0 and fired a laser twice as powerful. The future 1.5 of lasers is bright as 1.0 scientists improve 05 technology across the 0.0 Today In 5 Years (Estimated) board. Laser Industry Value Created by for Cutting Edge Laser - Net Worth in Billions of Dollars

Lasers: Facts and Information

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Facts, history, and stats on lasers from their beginnings until now. Slick metallic design and awesome info!


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