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The Justice League: Super Management Power

THE JUSTICELEAGUE: SUPERMANAGEMENT POWER • HEROIC TEAMS NEED EXCEPTIONAL POWERS• • TOOLS WE THOUGHT OUR CHILDHOOD SUPERHEROES WOULD HAVE NEVER USED • PROJECT: SAVE THE DAY O PROJECT MANAGEMENT Effectively acquiring a powerful skill set to manipulate the implementation of daily heroic work is every league's dream and is a force to be reckoned with. KNOW YOUR TEAM Identify each team player's powers and kryptonite before giving out wordly tasks. LEADER WANNFEE HARDWORKING GOOD MOTIVATOR RIGHTEOUS MUSCLEI! PREFERS TO WOAK BEHND THE SCENES JACK OF ALL TRADES TECHY. SIMPLY BEING RICH HIGHLY INTELLIGENT RESOURCEFUL KEEPS ON PUSHNG WITHOUT APPROUAL BRAVE FRIENDLY CHEERFUI RECKLESS KEEPS ON CHECKING LP WITH EVERYONE ТАСПICIAN FOCUSED SELF CRITIC PERFECTIONIST ALWAYS MISSING NACTION NCESS ATTITUDE ACTS ACCORDING TO EMOTIONS COMMITMENT ISSUES PROBLEMS WITH MEETING DEADLINES RESORTS TO SIMPLE SOLUTIONS TALKATIVE CREATIVE PERKY HARD TO GET N TOUCH UITH MONITORS ACTIVITIES PREFERS TO BE ALONE EXTREMELY GOOD AT ONE THNG BUT SUDS AT EUERYTHNG ELSE ADVENTUROUS OUTGOING TAKES PRIDE ON HIS SKILLS ACKNOWLEDGE THE TARGET Brainstorm the right way! See the tasks at hand from all corners and anticipate potentjal chaos A MAN GETS HIS PARACHUTE STUCK A MAN FALLING INTO THE OCEAN A SURFER GETS CAUGHT IN A TSUNAMI SPREADING OF AFRICAN WILDFIRES A GIANT BOA IN THE DESERTS OF EGYPT DESTRUCTION IN THE GREAT WALL A GIANT BALL HEADING TOWARDS TOWN A PENGUIN STUCK IN MID-AIR SEND IN THE RIGHT GUY. OR GAL Giving "Special Assignments“ will be a breeze after assessing your heroes. WITH MY POWER OF FUGHT AND SLPER STR ENGTH I CAN STOP THAT GIANT BALLU WITH MY GRAPPLING BENG HIM TO9MEEY MISSION: WITH THE POWER OF MY RING I CAN CREATE ASHIELD AND CONTAN THAT WILDAREI SYDNEY AUSTRALIA PARIS FRANCE WITH MY SIQLLS I CAN CONTROL THE WAT BRS AND MAKE THAT TSUNAMI CALM DOWN TANZANIA AFRICA RIO DE JANERO I CAN SOAR HIGH TO SAVE THAT PENGUN FROM DAN GER. сAN SHAEЕЕНЕТ NTO AGIANT TO COMBAT ANDBEAT THAT GIANT SNAKE BRAZIL I WILL ELY ON MY NVSBLE SHIP AND CATCH THAT MAN USNG MY ROPE CAIRO EGYPT MOUNT TYREE ANTARCTICA LAM SOFAST. IT WILL ONLY TAKE ME AFEW SECONDS TO FIK THINGS. NEW YORK UNITED STATES BEIJING CHINA A FUEL FOR YOUR TEAM'S SUPER POWERS Managing and tracking each person's strong points helps the team come up with stronger outputs MONITORING THE PROGRESS COLLABORATION WHAT YOU NEED: O Be updated on revisions by having direct access to the team's collectiue notes. PDF Collaborative PDF Markup O Develop fresh ideas by engaging in real time brainstorming Interactive Whiteboard O Communicate. Let your Group Chat voice be heard. TUESDAY 4 O Share time to be more efficient. Event Notification I'm In trouble! The boulders are too heavy! message from Flash I'm sure I can help you buddy ! PROJECT MANAGEMENT WHAT YOU NEED: I need some help here, Need some backup Task Management (3 updates from Aquaman Establish priorities Status Reports O Brief reminders keep the I am In control. Don't worry Aquaman ! members on track Control Panel Interactive Gantt Chart O Maximize their capabilities Make room for change and constructive criticisms CONTENT MANAGEMENT WHAT YOU NEED: Dld you recelve my fles, Hawkgirl ? Special Folders O Save secrets of the trade in a bat cave, if you must. away from prying hands. 1 message from Batman Yesl I am cheklng It now. File Operations O Keep "classified" records under close monitor. Only show what is needed. Wonderwoman Do you have any report? SOCIAL TOOLS WHAT YOU NEED: Starring Tagging & Search O Using symbols is an effective way of knowing your priorities. Easier organization of tasks or files will make a big difference I'll glve you an update Wonderwoman Where have you been? Page Updates O If they're well informed, for sure, they're looking into it. COLLABORATION IS KEY Putting time and effort to document, track and monitor team players, projects and progress gives you a bigger perspective on how to grow as the ideal herolc team MASTERING THE ART OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT IS NO HERCULEAN TASK. ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU NEED SUPER POWERS TO FUEL YOUR IMAGINATION AND OVERCOME EVERYDAY MAYHEM. GO AHEAD. START YOUR OWN JUSTICE LEAGUE. AND SAVE THE DAY! BINF'RE Project Management & Collaboration Software www. binfire. com/features -------- ------

The Justice League: Super Management Power

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Project managers could be the next superheroes. Their busy schedules, unrealistic deadlines, and the challenges of developing efficient business tactics and developments – not to mention managing pe...




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