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It's Not Paranoia: The Internet Knows More Than You Think

IT'S NOT PÄRANOIA THE INTERNET KNOWSMORE THANYOU THINK. simple for a cyber thief THE EASY KEY TO YOUR IDENTITY NAME WHAT THEY DO WITHIT D.O.B ESTABLISH NEW LOANS OR CREDIT IN YOUR NAME. ADDRESS MOTHER'S MAIDEN NAME, HIGHSCHOOL ORDOG'SNAME ACCESS YOUR EXISTING O) ACCOUNTS. WHAT THEY DO WITHIT THE UNHOLYGRAIL SOCIAL SECURITYNUMBER PROCURE YOUR MEDICAL BENEFITS SOCIAL SECURITY FILE FALSE PAWNOFF THEIR TAXRETURNS CRIMINAL CHARGES. LINEOFCREDIT CAN BE $1000 - $100.000 DEPENDINGON THE VICTIM'S CREDITRATING ) Hackers accessed names & social security numbers from 43,000 faculty, staff, students and alumni of Yale University through Google. 4 AUGUST 2011 it's all public MOSTOF THE INFORMATIONABOUT US ONLINE IS PUBLISHED BY US!! Your Online Tattoo People don't realize that what they publish becomes public. FOOLISH FACEBOOK FOUR FULL BIRTH DATE RELATIONSHIP STATUS A crucial piece of personal info needed to steal your identity. CURRENT LOCATION Give stalkers a green light to start stalking. Don't mention you are HOME ALONE You can never be sure away, where and how long for. who sees your status. CARELESS TEENS Post REAL NAME PERSONAL PHOTOS BIRTH DATE INTERESTS SCHOOL NAME HOMETOWN RELATIONSHIP STATUS EMAILADDRESS PERSONAL VIDEOS CELL NUMBER 82% 92% 91% 84% 71% 71% 62% 53% 24% 20% * PUBLIC Post THENIGHTIWAS STALKED ON FOURSQUARE According to Shea Silver's 2010 account, publishing your location is risky. Sorry to interupt madam, there is a phone call for you. Hello? Who is this!!? Hi RESTAURANT YOU - DON'T CНЕCK IN! ME CREEPY!! Shea, MAYBE STOPSAYING WHERE YOU ARE ALL THE TIME A POST FOR LIFE FIRED Buckingham Palace Guard canned for allegedly calling Kate Middleton names FIRED ARRESTED Couple arrested after eating rare Iguana on Facebook AUGUST 201o Teacher fired for posting pictures of her drinking JULY 2011 MAY 2011 U NO GOING BACK V Post home sweet home EASY-TO-ACCESS PROPERTY INFORMATION PRICE PAID FULL ADDRESS AERIAL PHOTOS DATA ON 110M FROM COMPANIES LIKE: U.S.HOMES Zillow' & itrulia 83% This data can be harmless BUT in the wrong hands, paired with your personal details found online. can threaten your security selling your details THIEVES USE DATA TO FIND EAS ABOKERS FULL NAME Data brokers collect and maintain personal information in exchange for money. Anyone can purchase these details for up to ADDRESS D.O.B ALIASES PHONE NUMBER E RELATIVES 100 PEOPLE FOR ONLY ADDRESS HISTORY $9.95 SOCIAL NETWORKS EMAIL SEARCH A GRUESOME THREESOME Facebook currently partners with dotalogix" three of the largest data brokers in the U.S ACXIOM f After the 9/11 attacks, CNN reported, that Acxiom was able to locate 11 of the 19 hijackers in its database Acxiom has information on 500 MILLION people worldwide, including virtually every U.S. consumer epsi BROUGHT TO YOU BY IN THEATERS AUGUST 16 PARANOIA PRIVACY IS A MYTH #CHANGE THEGAME THE HUFFINGTON POST TRUESTORY

It's Not Paranoia: The Internet Knows More Than You Think

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It's Not Paranoia: The Internet Knows More Than You Think Brought to you by Paranoia in Theaters August 16.


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