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IT Guy: Adapting to the Cloud

Cloud Proof Your Career A GENERATIONAL ROADMAP TO CLOUD'S IMPACT ON YOUR JOB 3 GROUPS OF IT PROFESSIONALS BABY BO OM IT PRO They identified the need for extremely efficient multi-tenant systems more than a decade ago with mainframes and mini-computers. While in support of the core concepts of cloud computing, updating skill sets and exploring new technology can be challenging. CIO or IT Director, Employed for 25 years Future Opportunities: Possibly another CIO Position or IT Consulting MBA PERSONAL SKILLS: Has experienced many changes over the years, so (s)he's seen how new technology can impact the industry. Strong networker in person. Came of Age with: Woodstock, was the first generation brought up in front of Could be averse to change due to potential weight of change and impact on budget, current staff, business risks and current ops. Prefers to keep things as-is for as long "as possible." TV and saw man walk on the moon CLOUD FEARS: Could be fearful of another industry change and UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY FOR CLOUD SUCCESS: By drawing on skills developed through past might wonder if he or she can complete industry evolutions and using those lessons learned, he or she can his or her career cycle without ever help employees and co-workers who may be fearful or resistant to having to go through this change. change because they haven't experienced one previously. GENERATION X IT PRO The pioneer of virtualization, they should continue to focus on the development and support of this technology. Perhaps they need to switch their focus from a more tactical, components-specific specialization to a more strategic vision for the business. By embracing cloud they can use their expertise to maximize the combined benefits of virtualization and cloud together. Data Center Manager, Employed for 10 years Future Opportunities: IT Leader or Working for a Software Vendor Additional Certification: Project PERSONAL SKILLS: Has worked for a Management Institute mix of industries prior, so brings varied experiences with him. Very integrated into what organizations do, strong technical and people skills, strong project management. Leadership roles provided general business experience. Certification Came of Age With: Came of age with: the fall of the Berlin Wall, the personal computer, the start of the video game era and MTV CLOUD FEARS: This pro UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY FOR CLOUD SUCCESS: This pro draws upon any business backgrounds to traditionally enjoyed focusing on specialized components ahead of the big picture. He or she could be waiting for the help IT make combined, strategic business/IT decisions. By using heavy organizational integration and systems knowledge this pro can help make their organization successful with cloud. They need to be open to strategic, rather than tactical, solutions. business to tell him or her to adopt cloud rather than jumping into cloud territory on his or her own. GENERATION Y IT PRO Trained in virtualization and the cloud but may not be as experienced. Business Analyst, Employed for 3 years Future Opportunities: Business-Aligned IT Role MBA and Undergraduate Degree in Computer Science PERSONAL SKILLS: Strong online network. Strong Additional Certification: VCP digital capability and experience in applied use of technology towards business goals. VMware Certified Professional Came of Age With: Came of age with: instant messenger and the rise of social media, texting, 9/11 and the Janet Jackson "wardrobe malfunction" CLOUD FEARS: UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY FOR CLOUD SUCCESS: New to the industry, so may be fearful of a total industry Because everything is new to the younger IT pro, there isn't a bias toward legacy technology. Because this pro grew up consuming virtually, cloud comes naturally and they could be best positioned to embrace the cloud. If trained in an evolved IT setting, this guru has the opportunity to pick up new, fully-integrated, strategic thinking initially, without learning compartmentalization early on., change and overhaul in way of thinking since it's the first experience. CLOUD ON THE RISE 48% 43% 74% Cloud adoption increased to 48% in the last 6 months* By 2015, 43% of CIOS expect to support more than half of their organizations' transactions on a cloud infrastructure using a software-as-a-service model Cloud adoption will rise to 74% by 2020 *Results based on"State of SMB IT 1H 2012 report" Spiceworks Inc, Page 8, 2012 *Results based on"The New IT: Drivers, Challenges and Opportunities: Gartner, Inc., Pages 3-4, Paragraph 4, 27 January 2012 GROWING NEED FOR IT PROS WITH STRATEGIC CAPABILITIES FORECAST OF Cloud investments will rise to BUSINESS SPEND $109 BILLION $ in 2012 and to an estimated $209 BILLION by 2016 IT temporary staffing usage will RISE BY 12% between 2012 and 2013 for jobs requiring Hardware (12%6) $420 Billion lower level skills Telecom Equipment (10%) $377 Billion Software (8%6) $281 Billion Higher-level jobs are done internally and are still in HEAVY DEMAND Telecom Services (46%6) $1686 Billion IT Services (24%) $864 Billion These jobs include information systems, database admin, systems analysis, security and network and data communication analysts According to Gartner's annual forecast, global IT spending is expected to rise 3% to $3.6 trillion in 2012. *Gartner Forecast Alert: IT Spending, Worldwide, 2Q12 Update Published 28 June 2012, Page 5, lines 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18, Page 6, lines 2-3 FROM TACTICAL TO STRATEGIC An increasing number of IT decisions will be made by individuals with blended BUSINESS and IT expertise. %$4 Gartner believes the number of strategic decisions made without an integrated understanding of business and technology will HALVE by 2012. * Based on a Gartner report "The Changing Shape of IT: What We've Uncovered, Where You Can Find It", Gartner Inc., Page 8, Paragraph 1, 27 May 2008 IT JOBS AND SALARY Prepare yourself for what's next by proactively seeking out training. 65% of recruiters and 65% hiring managers report they would increase IT staff in 2012 THREE OUT OF FIVE COMPANIES ARE ADDING NEW SKILL SETS TO THEIR IT DEPARTMENTS, INCLUDING: PRIVATE CLOUD DEVELOPERS 80% of IT professionals perceive training increases their base salary AND ADMINISTRATORS 80% DEPARTMENTAL LIAISONS INTEGRATION SPECIALISTS Those who trained stated 4. CLOUD ARCHITECTS their salaries were up 8.6% compared to those COMPLIANCE SPECIALISTS who did not. 6. INFORMATION GOVERNANCE IT professionals who earned a technical certification in the last 5 BUSINESS MODEL AND PROCESS REDESIGN years stated that the certification improved their salary by 8.2%. *Information based on a study conducted by CompTIA, the IT vendor industry association. STAYING CURRENT IN THE CHANGING LANDSCAPE WITH CONTINUING EDUCATION More than 70% downloaded a More than More than 70% 44% attended 47% of IT 75% attended an out-of-office training session 80% of IT took a lunch professionals participated in self-paced online training traditional white paper instructor-led professionals use the Internet hour to view a webinar classroom to research courses topics of interest PERCENTAGE OF IT PROFESSIONALS 65% WHO EARNED AN IT 45% 33% CERTIFICATION WITHIN THE LAST 5 YEARS 2010 2011 2012 WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOUR FUTURE BABY BOOMER IT PRO: The Baby Boomer IT Pro is in a unique spot. Some Baby Boomers may see cloud as a new version of the original mainframe computers while other Baby Boomers may see cloud as a threat to their jobs. Regardless of the individual reaction, the Baby Boomer Pro should capitalize on past experience with IT evolutions and use those experiences to help others who may be going through their first evolution. As the data above states, more and more decisions are being made from a combined business and IT strategic level, so the more Baby Boomers use their knowledge of strategic decision making for the business, the more sought-after their opinions and thoughts will be both internally, and externally. GENERATION X IT PRO: while the Gen-X pro may be uncomfortable with cloud's changing the traditional for the unknown, the Gen-X pro is in an ideal position to capitalize on past virtualization knowledge and take that into the future. The statistics above show that there's still heavy demand for internal high-level jobs, but that those positions need to think strategically, with one hand on the business-side. Rather than waiting for their organization to tell them when to innovate, staying relevant with certifications, training and business understandings will ensure that this pro is a vital asset to the organization as they go through this evolution. GENERATION Y IT PRO: while this generation's pros are most likely to embrace cloud since it's not entirely new to what they've grown up with, there are several steps this pro can take to embrace the change, and help their organization embrace the change along the way. The key to success will be the ability to see the big picture and think strategically, but also to initiate training opportunities so they continue to stay well-versed in new technologies and new ways to apply those technologies. Thinking strategically from a business perspective, along with an understanding of how to embrace cloud through sustained conservative testing, is the key to success for this new generation. majority-of-companies-expanding-cloud- computing-skills-survey/ Salary Report.pdf Wikipedia boomer x y © 2012, Bluelock SOURCES 2015 2020

IT Guy: Adapting to the Cloud

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With 65% of recruiters and hiring managers reporting they plan on increasing IT staff in 2012, IT jobs aren't going anywhere, but their focus and purpose is shifting.




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