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IT & The Cloud

Are IT administrators in small- and medium- sized businesses confident that their TURN TO THE CLOUD IT&THE CLOUD network is running at optimum levels? Is a cloud-based service the answer? WOULD YOU BE INTERESTED in a web-based service that enables you to manage the antivirus protection on each of your business's PCs? YES NO 78% 22% HOW MUCH TIME IS SPENT WOULD YOU BET ? YOUR MONEY... manually updating antivirus software on user's PCs or removing malware from user's PCs That all the machines your WHAT % OF APPLICATIONS ARE business owns and employees currently use. CURRENTLY DELIVERED VIA THE CLOUD? 51% Are free of 51% malware? NO YES 1-25% ) 26% 50% 56%-75 76%-99% NONE 100% 49% 10h/month | 28% | 28% 27.5% I 12% 12.5% 58.5% Are operating at peak efficiency and will not fail NO YES today? 41.5% THE MOST COMMON CONCERNS ABOUT MOVING TO CLOUD APPLICATIONS DO YOU... O 31% Complexity and lack of in-house skills 27.6% Run the same antivirus solution with the same license Don't want to give control to a third party NO 26% YES Too expensive $) 24% 74% renewal date? Unsure how secure cloud is G? 24% Have the capability to see which PCs or servers on your network are about 31.5% 17.5% ?) 22.4% Availability of service NO 47% 5 to 9h/month Possible lack of compatibility 20.4% -5h/month YES 53% to fail? Already invested in on-premise OM173% NO Don't have concerns V 133% Have a 32% centrally-managed antivirus solution? YES 68% Other 5.6% GFI Source:

IT & The Cloud

shared by ernestoolivares on Aug 04
Are IT administrators in small and medium sized businesses confident that their network is running at optimum levels?. Is a cloud-based service the answer?




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