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IT And The Internet: The Last 30 Years

IT AND THE INTERNET: THE LAST 30 YEARS In January, Apple announces the Macintosh M84 Novelist William Gibson coins the term CYBERSPACE in Neuromancer, a book that adds a new genre to science fiction and fantasy The newly developed DNS is introduced across the internet, with the now familiar domains of GOV, MIL, EDU, ORG, NET AND .COM 1985 By the end of 1985, the number of hosts on the internet (all TCP/IP interconnected networks) has reached 2,000 A86 Senator Al Gore sponsors the SUPERCOMPUTER NETWORK ACT This legislation helps launch support for research, technology transfer and e-commerce initiatives 987 The installed base of Mac users REACHES I MILLION 188 By 1988 the internet is an essential tool for communications, however it also begins to create concerns about privacy and security in the digital world. New words, such as... HACKER, CRACKER AND ELECTRONIC BREAK-IN are created. These new words are dramatically demonstrated on Nov 1 1988 when a malicious program called the "Internet Worm" temporarily disables approximately 6,000 of the 60,000 internet hosts A89 The World Wide Web begins as a CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) project called ENQUIRE, initiated by British scientist Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Other names considered for the project include "The Information Mesh" and "The Mine of Information." AOL launches its Instant Messenger chat service and begins welcoming users with the iconic greeting KYOU'VE GOT MAIL! Australia, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand and the UK join the internet 1990 SIR TIM BERNERS-LEE develops the first Web browser WorldWideWeb FIRST WEBSITE BUILT AND PUT ONLINE on 6 August 1991 by Sir Tim Berners-Lee A92 The term SURFING the INTERNET is coined and popularised 1993 FIRST EVER PRIMITIVE SEARCH ENGINE created on September 2 1993, known as W3Catalog (W3c)-was quickly followed by a second, Aliweb in November 1993 1994 One of the first known Web purchases takes place: A PEPPERONI PIZZA with mushrooms and extra cheese from Pizza Hut 1995, the first online dating site, launches AMAZON.COM OPENS FOR BUSINESS billing itself as the "Earth's Biggest Bookstore." The Vatican comes online: 1996 77% of online users send or receive email at least once every few weeks, up from 65% in 1995 HoTMaiLl launches as one of the WORLD'S FIRST WEBMAIL SERVICES its name a reference to the HTML internet language used to build webpages The Dancing Baby (a 3D animation made famous from TV show Ally McBeal) becomes one of the first viral videos 1997 GOOGLE.COM registers as a domain Longest hostname registered with InterNIC: CHALLENGER.MED.SYNAPSE.UAH.UALBERTA.CA Н98 Oxford Dictionary adds "SPAM" and "DIGERATI" Internet users get to be judges in a performance by 12 world champion ice skaters on 27 March, marking the first time a television sport show's outcome is determined by its viewers 1999 NAPSTER The MP3 downloading service launches 2000 32%. of internet users lover 30 milion people) sent e-greeting cards to loved ones and friends The US timekeeper (USNO) and a few other time services around the world report the new year as 19100 on 1 Jan 2001 The average internet user spends 83 minutes online JIMMY WALES LAUNCHES WIKIPEDIA Users write over 20,000 encyclopaedia entries in the first year 2002 55 MILLION PEOPLE NOW GO ONLINE from work and 44% of those who have internet access at work say their use of the internet helps them do their jobs MICROSOFT LAUNCHES XBOX LIVE its online multiplayer gaming service. Critics scoffed at the idea, noting how uncommon broadband connections were at the time 2003 APPLE LAUNCHES THE ITUNES MUSIC STORE with 200,000 songs at 99 cents each. The store sells one million songs in its first week SKYPE a voice-over-IP calling and instant , messaging service, launches and quickly becomes a verb, as in "Skype me" Professional networking site LinkedIn launches MYSPACE.COM IS FOUNDED WordPress blog publishing system created 2004 Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg launches THEFACEBOOK.COM 1,200 Harvard students sign up within the first 24 hours. Facebook goes on to become the world's biggest social networking site, with over a billion users worldwide Google starts trading on the NASDAQ at $85 (£54) a share SOCIAL NEWS WEBSITE DIGG LAUNCHES. Digg users vote to "digg up" links that they like and "bury" down those they don't Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) WORLD OF WARCRAFT LAUNCHES 2005 About one in six adults - 25 million people have SOLD SOMETHING ONLINE Broadband connections surpass dial-up connections Community news site Reddit is founded. It is bought by Conde Nast a year later for $20 million (£13 million) YOUTUBE is founded on Valentine's Day. The first video, an explanation of what's cool about elephants, is uploaded by co-founder Jawed Karim on April 23. Google acquires the company a year later 2006 Twitter launches. Founder Jack Dorsey sends the first tweet: "JUST SETTING UP MY TWTTR" 2007 APPLE RELEASES ITS FIRST IPHONE priced at $499 (£315) for 4GB and $599 (£379) for 8G Estonia becomes the world's first country to use internet voting in a parliamentary election 2008 Google releases the Chrome Web browser HTML5 IS INTRODUCED S Deal-of-the-day website Groupon launches APPLE LAUNCHES ITS APP STORE WITH 552 APPLICATIONS World of Warcraft hits 11.5 million subscribers worldwide. Guinness Book of World Records names it the most popular MMORPG 2009 Kanye West's VMA outburst sparks an INTÉRNET MEME 2010 Social photo-sharing sites PINTEREST, AND INSTAGRAM LAUNCH 2011 15% of social media-using teenagers say say they have been the aget of ONLINE BULLYING . ............. . LinkedIn reaches 100 million users and debuts on NUSE GOOGLE+ LAUNCHES Young Egyptians use the hashtags #Egypt and #Jan25 on Twitter to spread the word about the Egyptian revolution. The government responds by shutting down the internet Rebecca Black's "Friday" becomes a YouTube sensation 2012 66% of internet users use Facebook and 12% use Instagram South Korean music star PSY's GANGNAM STYLE video surpasses Justin Bieber's “Baby" as the most viewed video ever, with over 800m views ECOMMERCE SALES TOP $1 trillion (£63 billion) worldwide 2013 NETFLIX AND YOUTUBE account for over 50% of internet traffic measured by bytes Former CIA employee and NSA contractor EDWARD SNOWDEN turns over thousands of classified documents to media organisations, exposing a top-secret government data surveillance program 2014 45% OF INTERNET USERS AGES 18-29 in serious relationships say the internet has had an impact on their relationship

IT And The Internet: The Last 30 Years

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The internet has come a long way in the last 30 years. Remember, we can now order pizza : ) directly from our computers and mobile devices. To celebrate the miracle of the internet led revolution we ...



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