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It’s not what you said, it’s how you said it

It's not what you said, it's how you said it. This is an infographic is all about communication and how best to get your message across; Ways to get across your message. |Cost |Reliability Time Effectiveness |Practicality Pigeon Text Email Direct Mail IST Pigeon. Message in a bottle. Paper Aeroplane. Direct mail. Cost: 3/10 Cost: 5/10 Cost: 10/10 Cost: 4/10 III----I-- I-------- I----I--- Reliability: 6/10 Reliability: 0/10 Reliability: 0/10 Reliability: 8/10 Time: 4/10 Time: 1/10 Time: 6/10 Time: 7/10 Effectivness: 10/10 Effectivness: 10/10 Effectivness: 3/10 Effectivness: 8/10 Practicality: 1/10 Practicality: 1/10 Practicality: 2/10 Practicality: 6/10 Summary: The carrier pigeon, if used to carry your message, could be very affective; however the Summary: The message in a bottle was used to great affect by Sting. This method of message delivery is really unused these days as it suffers from reliability issues. It is seen more of a last resort when stranded on a desert island. Summary: Paper aeroplanes Summary: The good old. It can be effective depending on design and copy. Can be costly with design fees and Dad before him, and his Dad stamps etc. There is also the risk of being lost in the post or being submerged have been around for centuries. Your Dad would have made them, and his message would have to be small. Not practical if you want to send messages to more than one customer. Low delivery rate. before him. Unfortunately they are very unreliable and can only manage very short distances. in the bills. Email. Fax. Phone. Text. Cost: 5/10 Cost: 9/10 Cost: 8/10 Cost: 10/10 Reliability: 10/10 Reliability: 8/10 IIII-I-I-- II I------- II----I--- III------I Reliability: 10/10 Reliability: 10/10 Time: 9/10 Time: 8/10 Time: 8/10 Time: 10/10 Effectivness: 4/10 Effectivness: 1/10 Effectivness: 9/10 Effectivness: 10/10 IIIII IIII-----I Practicality: 7/10 Practicality: 0/10 Practicality: 6/10 Practicality: 10/10 Summary: Email might feel Summary: The fax machine. Summary: Picking up the a little hard done by in Summary: The text message proves to be a worthy winner. It excels in every phone and speaking to These results might have read very differently 20 years someone can be effective, ago, but unfortunately these however where the phone category, not only is it cheap now are as popular as the mullet hairdos of the workers that used them. these results. The truth in the matter now is that we all get hundreds of emails a month. So we have spam filters in place and delete most of the ones that make it through without even opening them. but effective, but it is also very quick and practical to send out your message to thousands of customers. falls down is it can be very time consuming, and not very practical if you want to send out a message to a thousand customers. Good points scored for cost and reliability so not all doom and gloom. The text message. Messages that get read through their different mediums (Frost & Sullivan) 98% 29% 22% Text Messages Tweets Emails Text Messages on average 100,000 messages sent by Text Marketer customers are read within 5 seconds text rather than save on average 38% after being received post the average save would be up to 92.4% (Frost & Sullivan) Talk to us. We were one of the first business SMS providers in the UK. We simply promise to help you get the best possible results from SMS. We will provide your business with the highest quality SMS services at a very low cost. Visit us at text marketer We deliver. You save. Message in a bottle Phone Fax Paper Aeroplane

It’s not what you said, it’s how you said it

shared by textmarketer on Sep 27
Ever been told “It’s not what you said, but how you said it!” ? Well, the same applies to marketing. Luckily, when you use mobile marketing to "say it" your message is 98% likely to be read, and...


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