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IPv6 Migration Landscape and Challenges, and IPv4 Exhaustion Timeline for 2014

Network IPv6 Migration Landscape and Challenges and the IPV4 Exhaustion Timeline for 2014 Based on historical data, it is estimated that by December 2014, IPV4 addresses from ARIN's free pool will no longer be available, forcing organizations to pay for IPV4 addresses and/or migrate to IPV6. * COUNTRIES WITH THE MOST CERTIFIED IPV6 ENGINEERS VARY IN IPV6 ADOPTION RATES HIGH IMPLEMENTATION (50-100%) MODERATE IMPLEMENTATION (25-50%) LOW IMPLEMENTATION (12.5-25%) O MINIMAL IMPLEMENTATION (0-12.5%) # OF IPV6 CERTIFIED ENGINEERS (GOLD & SILVER) 454 274 215 141 78 48 39 35 32 27 % OF IPV6 CAPABLE 38.57 12.90 15.22 16.97 25.02 20.64 38.52 31.50 2.89 15.79 NETWORKS (2013) TOTAL # OF NETWORK ENGINEERS (2013) 3,045 147,675 48,112 1,415 15,848 6,181 1,668 2,387 373 1,545 THE ADOPTION RATE OF IPV6 WORLDWIDE ESTIMATED DEPLETION TIMELINE OF TOP 10 WORLD ECONOMIES AND THEIR % ARIN'S IPV4 FREE POOL' OF IPV6 CAPABLE NETWORKS 25 On February 03, 2011, ARIN began allocating its remaining free pool of IPV4 addresses As of December 2013, the worldwide average of IPV6 capable networks was only 17.28% across all countries. USA 12.90% CHINA 17.72% 17.28% JAPAN 40.67% ARIN FREE POOL OF IPV4 ADDRESSES 100% 2013 GERMANY 38.52% 15.25% FRANCE 30.23% 2012 Only 27% of ARIN's free pool of IPV4 addresses remained by December 2013 UK 25.02% 12.49% BRAZIL 16.97% 94.29 M 2011 RUSSIA 10.76% 8.11% 44.96 M ITALY 21.04% 2010 24.83 M INDIA 15.22% 5.49% DEC 2011 DEC 2012 DEC 2013 DEC 2014 WORLDWIDE AVERAGE TOP 10 ECONOMIES AVERAGE 2009 * (Earlier years nat applicable, as data was not collected until IANA depletion http:/ 17.28% 22.91% THE IMPENDING IPV4 DEPLETION AND LOW RATE OF IPV6 ADOPTION THUS The BIG Picture FAR MEANS THAT RESOURCES TO COMPLETE YOUR IPV6 MIGRATION WILL BECOME INCREASINGLY SCARCE AS THE END OF 2014 APPROACHES # remaining IPv4 addresses (million, end of year) from ARIN's free pool worldwide average of IPV6 capable networks (%, end of year) - IPV6 Certified Engineers worldwide Estimated Exhaustion of ARIN's IPV4 Free Pool: Dec. 2014 The surge in IPV6 migration may become problematic due to the lack of IPV6 Professionals 94.29 M 930 44.96 M 17.28% 15.25% 12.49% 8.11% 24.83 M 464 397 start now! What does this mean for your organization? The end of IPV4 is less than a year away, and certified professionals to help transition your network to IPV6 are limited. Thus, it's now imperative to start IPV6 migration planning to ensure continuity of your network operations. Our proven migration process can ensure a smooth and timely transition to IPV6 DISCOVERY & ANALYSIS collect and determine the present addressing implementation, and the future addressing needs of the network RECOMMENDATIONS & PLANNING provide a detailed analysis of the devices, applications and protocols impacted by an IPV6 migration, together with an implementation plan PROCUREMENT & MANAGEMENT organize addresses utilizing an IPAM, and determine if any addresses can be leased, or new addresses need to be procured, if possible MIGRATION, TRAINING & DOCUMENTATION 4 a careful, staged IPV6 implementation, together with training and detailed deployment information Will your network be left behind running IPV4 only? DEC 2013 The percent of IPV6 enabled networks worldwide average only Depletion of ARIN's IPV4 free pool is expected by December 31, 2014 Worldwide, there are less than 1800 IPv6 certified 17.28% as of December 2013 engineers (December 2013) Or will you be prepared by planning for IPV6 migration today? CONTACT US TO BEGIN PLANNING YOUR IPV6 MIGRATION TODAY SOURCES 1- 2- 3- approximations via +1.404.635.6667 4- ARIN @NetUF 5- (nominal) *This infographic is based in part, upon data collected in December of 2013, from the listed sources, believed to be accurate at the that time. However, Network Utility Force, LLC. does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of any of the above, as errors and/or omissions are possible. Any predictions, estimates and/or projected outoomes are made by Network Utility Force, LLC, and are not certain. DESIGNED BY THE SHFT 2012 TOP 10 WORLD ECONOMIES 2013 (GDP) 2013 SOUTH KOREA

IPv6 Migration Landscape and Challenges, and IPv4 Exhaustion Timeline for 2014

shared by NUF on Feb 10
An infographic on the present IPv6 migration landscape and challenges, with an IPv4 exhaustion timeline for 2014.




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