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iPhone vs Android: Which Smartphone is For You?

iPhone vs Android: Which Smartphone is For You? By CarlCheo.Com START Expecting an iBend or BendGate joke? Just wanted to say that most large phones are bendable. Let's move on! Are you a loyal follower of the Apple cult a.k.a. iSheep? Do you use Google products like Gmail, Docs, Drive, etc. a lot? iSheep. YES NO YES NO YES NO Are you obsessed with build quality? Do you own iMac, iPad, and Macbook? iPhone No explanation needed. Android Deeply integrated with Google products. Looking for a bendable phone? YES NO NO YES YES Looking for a high-end smartphone? iPhone To complete your life as an Apple fan. iPhone iPhone The best camera you Macbook Air survives in a NO now. Some Android phones are really close though. can 1000 feet (unintentional) drop test. iPhone may not beat the greatest brick phone ever - Nokia 3310 in terms of durability, Looking for the best smartphone camera overall? YES Android iPhone is hella expensive & objectively overpriced. but it's damn well built too. NO Android YES Is 128GB of Most phones support external storage. Is 4.7 or 5.5 inch screen OK for you? YES storage space too small? NO NO iPhone Looking for a phone that just works right out of the box? Easy-to-use & more user-friendly YES Android There are tons of other screen sizes you can choose from. NO WOW WE ARE STILL UNDECIDED. Here's a comparison chart & analogy to help you. Gotta pick one now! Is Like a Serviced Apartment Is Like a House Fully-furnished (works right out of the box) and convenient access to shops & facilities (well-integrated ecosystem). Low maintenance but expensive. More freedom to design & furnish your house (customizable), but requires more maintenance. Could be a huge mess or look really good, depends on the owner. More user friendly. More customizable. Better backup service. Do things your way Better security & privacy control. Ability to add widgets & customize home screen. Slightly more & better built apps. Ability to change default apps. Best camera overall for now. Accessible file system. Most phones have expendable storage. Better parental control Better customer support Most phones have removable and/or extended batteries Those who want phones that just works & works well, tech illiterate users, hippies, iSheeps. Lower-budget users, tinkerers, tech-savvy users, Presented by CarlCheo.Com Best For Best For

iPhone vs Android: Which Smartphone is For You?

shared by carlcheo on Mar 08
iPhone and Android are the 2 most popular smartphone OS right now. Both are tailored for different users. Here's a flowchart that helps you to choose the best smartphone OS, by comparing their key fe...




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