iPhone 5, And Who's Most Likely to Upgrade

iPhone 5. and wh's most likely to upgrade part1/3 1. The DNA of US iPhone owners in late 2011 Models distribution: 19.3% 28.2% 48.6% 3.9% According to our study, iPhone models currently in use in the US are distributed as follows: O9:110 বI Specs: iPhone iPhone 3G iPhone 3GS iPhone 4 June 2007 July 2008 June 2009 June 2010 Touchscreen Phone/Web client/iPod Wifi, 2G & Bluetooth 128 MB DRAM | 2 MP camera iOS 1 Original features: New features: App store ioS 2 New features: 256 MB DRAM 3 MP camera VGA video New features: 512 MB DRAM retina display gyroscope 5 MP camera HD (720p) video iOS 4 GPS 3G compass iOS 3 Carriers: Until Feb 2011, AT&T was the sole authorized carrier. There was great anticipation of Verizon bringing choice at&t verizon to consumers. 75.5% 19.5% 5% Jailbroken: Because of Apple's restrictions of carrier choice & app admittance into the app store, many owners have used software hacks to jailbreak their phones. AT&T 74% s VERIZON 26% 88.3% LOCKED TO AN OPERATOR 11.7% JAILBROKEN Unlimited 3G: 79.5%UNLIMITED 79.5% of customers enjoy "grandfathered" unlimited 3G data plans. 13.8% have to pay for extra bandwidth use. 6.7% were uncertain. ll 3G 13.8% PAY FOR BANDWIDTH 6.7% NOT SURE Installed Apps: PAID APPS 1.2% O 0 17% So how many Apps do iPhone owners have installed? 4.1% 1-4 29.6% 15% 5-10 26.4% 32.3% 11-20 16.8% Looks like most users have 5-30 free apps and 0-10 paid 25% 21-30 6.7% 22.4%| >30 3.5% ones. FREE APPS Daily usage: 32.9% 27.1% How often do owners use their iPhones? 21.3% 2+ TIMES/h . on average 15% Over 80% use their device 15+ times per day! 3.7% slide to unlock 1-4 5-14 15-29 30-49 50+ iPhones are mostly used for: Time distribution of device use: 19% 17.3% 16% 16% 16% 10% 6% The iPhone is truly a multipurpose device. We were curious to know how owners divided their usage time. SMS USED: MOST OFTEN It was an eye-opener to discover that the #1 use for the iPhone is TEXTING, not talking! iPhones are most often used for texting! SMS USED LEAST FTEN Number of votes 2. Features and benefits iPhone 5 must have What are the key drivers that would cause current iPhone owners to quickly move up to the iPhone 5? It turns out longer battery life is by far the number one reason users would upgrade their iPhones! This is very practical but way less sexy than many other expected features. 15% LONGER BATTERY LIFE Unlimited data plans and no long-term contracts are second on currents owners' wish lists. 11% UNLIMITED DATA Despite constant speculation in the media about the new look of the iPhone 5, a new design was at the bottom of what iPhone owners want. 11% NO LONG-TERM CONTRACT 10% Wi-fi tethering at no extra cost 9% Better photo camera 7% Unlimited storage in iCloud 6% Faster CPU 6% Larger screen 6% 4G 5% Full HD video 4% 3D display 4% HDMI output 4% New style/Design NO INFLUENCE MINOR INFLUENCE MODERATE INFLUENCE MAJOR INFLUENCE NEUTRAL 3. Who's most susceptible to be iPhone 5'ed 5 fun facts about susceptibility to upgrading early to the coming iPhone 5: 46% 46% of current iPhone owners are intending to upgrade within six months of its release. The newer the model currently owned, the more "extremely likely" the owner is to upgrade early to the 5! The older the model, the less likely its owner plans to upgrade! 15x, at&t verizon ч. AT&T owners are 1.5X MORE "extremely likely" to upgrade compared to Verizon owners. 18-34 year olds are 31% more likely to upgrade than 35 and older folks. OLDER FOLKS 35+ 31% YOUNGER PEEPS: 18-34 DISCLAMERS: SOURCES: is an independent market research platform and is not affiliated with Apple. Some subsets of data cited above might be too small to be statistically significant. Provided opinion data is based on an AYTM survey of 1000 US IPhone owners aged 18+. Need more information? áytm ask your | target market PadViewpoin. This infographic is based on the public feeback collected by self-service market research platform (September 2011). Members of our panel,, enjoy helping shape Infographics like this one by sharing their opinions and feedback. lo Com LO OTHER

iPhone 5, And Who's Most Likely to Upgrade

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The Apple next-gen iPhone is on the way, and millions of Apple fans are asking themselves, is it time to upgrade/buy? This infographic - created by Ask Your Target Market and research firm PaidViewpo...




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