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The iPad as the Teacher's Pet

Got an iPad? Then you've got a toolbox that you can fill to help you be an even better teacher! iPad as the TEACHER'S PET Infographic by Tony Vincent Let students see what you see you on your iPad's screen by mirroring it to a projector. You have several options when it comes to mirroring. WIRELESS lepains devis to be on fe seme Witk. Nehwork mest hone open parts fer Aay. WIRED SHOW VGA Adapter iTools Apple TV AirServer Reflector on a big screen Connect directly from your Instell seftware an your projector connected computer and attoch iPed using its USB cable. Connect an Apple TV to your projector and use iPod's AirPley feature te mirrar. Requires HDNI or HDMI to VGA odepter. Install softwere on your projectar connected computer ond use Pod's AirPlay foature to miron the screen. Install soltware on your projector connected computer ond use iPod's Airflay feature te mirrer the screen iPod to a projecter. When your iPad is mirrored to a projector, you can show anything that runs on your iPod, including. Justond Decument Comers Stand Capernicus DCSI Dewey Stand Skitch Popplet Lite Draw and annotate over seved images or over photos you take with the Make colerful cancepts mops that can include test, imoges, and drewings camera SMART Notebook Stage Whiteboard Create and use interoctive slide decks. You can even import many esisting SMART Notebook files. Ue iPad's objech, texboeks & student werk. Sketch, write, label, or point over whet the comere sees in reel fime. d's comera to dipley I live videe of The Stage Whiteboard app con help turn iPad into a document comera. For best results buy, find, on improvise a stand for your iPod. Control your projector-connected computer wirelessly. Walk around the room while you can see and use your Mac or PC on your iPad. FREE Fe venias hee sene s PAID Intytoes er wotnds Doceri Mocha VNC Lite Splashtop Remote Splashtop Whiteboard deceri HD Install Deceri Desktap en your Mac or PC. Then use Doceri to control and annatate your computer's screen. Set VNC server settings on your Mac or PC. Then ottess that computer from your Pad. Install Splashtap Streemer on your Mat end PC. Then access that Net only con you view ond control your computer, but you con drow, highlight, write, and spetlight. computer from your iPad. According to the Pev Internet & American Life Praject, over 25% of American odults awn toblet computers. Nearly helf of tablets sold are iPods. Own o lablet Do Not Own a Tablet MANAGE Use your iPad to randomly select students, monitor noise levels, display messages, track behavior, and count down time. These apps are free of charge unless otherwise noted. the classroom Input student nomes inte Random Name Seloctor then drew them randemly out of a het. Too Noisy displays the naise level in the room on a gauge. When the noise increases, the foce becomes sod. Disglay a colerful messoge by entering test into Sig Enter Text into iBanner HD to create a srelling light-up sign. Use ClassDajo to trock shtudent behaviar by awording ond subtrecfing peints. Open toFrojecs Ellie page 85. MANAGE Sign+ 824 Sick Pick Decide Now Teacherk 0037 02:24 000 Pick a student at random by giving your Pad o shoke or topping the sreen in Slick Pick. You can record how well students respond. Use Decide Now to creste a wheel of options. Spin te rondomly select from the opfions. Uhe for dess rewards, lessan extensions, mah problems, etc. Counter+ is a replacement far mechenical counters. Use it to count students, beheviers, responses, occomplishments, etc. Put a lerge countdown fiter on displey. Classroom Timer shows a visael countdown esa pie chart Teacherkit is a personal arganizer. Add desses and students. Then take attendance, role behaviar, take gredes, and make seeting charts. IDoceo is e teacher's gradeboek, timetable, atendence taker, diary, and reseurte menager. IDOCEO Grade student work, keep anecdotal notes, track progress, and collect learning artifacts. for bod grodes don't study." - Todd Barry ASSESS "He reminds me of the kid in fifth grode who reminded the teacher she forgat to give the homework." - Jonathan Salamen "Our schoal calor was manila." - John McDowell student work "Life is not a muliple choice test, if's an open-book essey exom." - Alan Blinder Evernote While not specificelly made for assessment, Evernate warks well te collect learring artifarts and meke anecdatal netes. Make a notebook for each dess and a nate for each student. Notes cen include text, imeges, video, audia, ond ather files. The Evernate app is synted with Evernate for Mar, PC, and web. Three Ring Three Ring is on app and e webnite. Use the app to digitize student vork by laking photes or recording video ar vaice. The student wark is securely synced to the teacher's OEcount et where the teacher can add comments. herms con be shared with students end parents Connor 3rd Period Easy Assessment Slideshow Cenon Core ELALyReding Ler rede 3 Input er import classes and rubrics. When time to asses, move the sliders end aptionaly odd notes and imoges. Send the resuls by email or to Dropben. V Finish Notes ForAllRubrics Eesily find er creste rubries in your veb browser. Complete them by going to in Safari on your iPod. Safari con stere ons synt rubrics for use offine. You con print rubries or save as a PDF or spreadshoet. You can also have students log in to view their rubries. Te profect your infermation and student data, you shauld lock your Pad with a posscade. Go to Settings, choose General, end select Possode Lack. INTERACT- Use your iPad to conduct polls, communicate online, and host game shows. These tools don't require students to have iPods, but some do call for students to use a computer or device that can access the web, email, or text messaging. with students E FREE ldthea toeh con be med fre el chorge Remind 101 Create multiple chaice and open ended pels. Students respond by going to a URL or by sending a tet message. See the results in real time on your iPod. After signup, you are essigned a room number thet students can jain by visiting You con then collect apen-ended, multiple choice, sorted, numeric, or drown respemes. Edmode affers e website or app that connects teachers and students. Tenchers create groups that students can join. Teochers con pest discussion questions, conduct polk, and collec esignments. You can use Remind 101's website or epp lo send tead messoges to groups of students or porents. Teachers never see students' phone numbers, and students never seetheirs. hnikeaming Fri May 3 May 4 50 PM May May 6 8 lo0 Game Show Soundboard PickMeBuzzer Top to instantly play sound effects that are greet for when playing gome shows in the clessroon. There are even countdown timers, complete with dromatik music. Seunds best with speakers. Have up to 5 students gather around your iPod to host a litle competien vhere students buzzin You con deerly see who touched their number frst. PickleBuzrer con be set up to wark with multiple Apple devices. hurricane Play dessroom Password with the help of Geme Show Soundboard to reinforce vocebularyl Simply create a sideshow software on a computer that is mirered to o projector. Put one voubulary word en each slide. Play classreem Jeopardy with the help ef PidkMeluzzer, Simply create e gome board at and show it on a computer thet is mirrored to a projector. w in PowerPoint or other slideshow 60 30 10 5 Divide the class into 5 teams. Each team takes furns sending up ene ployer to buzz in using PickMeluzzer. The first player to buzz gets to Onsver the current question. You con use to keep each teom's score. Slart Game Show Soundboard's 60 secand limer. Peirs of students try to guess es many words as possible. One player is the guesser ond has his bock to the projector sereen. The other is the clue giver Clues con only be one-vord guesses. Use Game Show Soundboard's plus butten to keep score. Pocket 5 Player Buzzer System Want quick ocress to e web poge en your Pad? Add the page to your Hame sereenl Here's how - When vieving the page in Safari, dick the Share button. Then choose Add to Home Screen. ACCESS Your documents, photos, videos, and more can be stored online for easy access. There are certainly more online storoge services other than the three listed below. Some of them include Copy, SkyDrive, Box, SugarSync, and iCloud. your files HD PRO Dropbox Google Drive Evernote Quickoffice Pro HD Everything you put into your Drepben folder on your computer is synced onine. You can open those synced items through the iPad app. You can also uplead items to your Drapbax from the app. View end edit Google documents and spreodsheets end view other files you've uploaded from your computer. Yeu can upload photos and videes fran your iPed. View, edit, ond create netes that can contein teot, images, oudio, ond other files. Everything is synced anline for ecess from other devices and camputers. Quickeffice con apen, edit, create, and save decuments, spreodshets, ond presentations stered in Dropbox, Google Drive, end Evernote. Files can also be stared in your iPod's memory Install the Mac or PC versions of these apps to have the same occess on your desktop. You con lock your iPod into a single app. This is nifty when hending eff your device for e student to usa. Tum on Guided Acess by epening Settings, cheosing General, and selecting Accessibility. ON Use some incredible apps to create multimedia creations for your students. These apps are free of charge unless otherwise noted. MAKE It's like cloning yourself. You can be in more than one place at once! instructional media Use Explain Everything to record your vaice es you drow on a whiteboard. You can also import imoges and video end add annotations end animetioms. Educrections turns your iPod into a recordeble whiteboerd. Videos are upleaded to your page on Create onimated videes with VideoScribe HD by plocing text and drewings en a omas. Your narration plays es a hend drows what's on the conves Recard digitel puppet shows with Puppet Pals HD Directer's Pass. Noke eny imege a character or backdrop. The show con be exported as a movie file. Share beautiful step by step hew in guides using Snepguide. Toke or impart photos er video and odd captions. Guides are published en 14 7*2 ADVERB MAKE Explain Every. videcsorbe PuppetPals HD Educreations Snapguide POW! Haiku Deck Strip Design Croak. Songity San the ade t hear an ceample. Google Search Tricks croek/efPI Scon the code te Create stunring sideshoves with Haiku Deck. Simply enter your lest to see capyright friendly imoges that you can es backgrounds. Create, edit, present, and share presentetions that zoom and rotate using Prezi. Insert tet and images onto a lorge convas. Uplosds to Craft your own comic strip or book with Srip Designer. Select a template, insert photes, end add balloons. Use to record up to 30 seconds of audio. Every recording generates a link thet you can copy and shere Songify turms speech into singing. Your voice is Bulo-luned and combined with musik. lanyune/song According to Apple CEO Tim Coak, the averoge i0S castomer uses mere than 10 ops. Teachers are lifelong learners, and with your iPad, learning is in hand! LEARN "I teach in order to learn. - Robert Frest "Those of us who aim to lead leerning must be aurselves Chief Leamers in order ta be Chiefs of Learning." Jonethan Martin "You'll never know overything ebout anything, especially something you love." -Julia Child new things "I am learning all the fime. The tombstone will be ny diplome." - Eorthe Kit F Zite iTunes U iBooks Flipboard Zite ilunes U gives you freH acoess to complete courses from leoding universifies, shook, and individuas. You might be interested in Meximizing Google Drive on the iPod, Student Created Books in the IClassroom, Classroom 2.0 Live, er Edutopia. ikooks is Agple's app for reading books. There's a store where you con buy books. But, there are plenty of free books to dawnlood, and there's a Free Books section you cen browse. You might be interested in Lecturing with on Pad, Pad Tips & Iricks, or Flipping the Clessroom. Flipboard is your personal megazine. You choose the topics ond stort reading. You can alsa make mogazines frem Twitter posts. For instonce, yeu can make a magazine vith everything Tony Vincent posts by entering Gtenyincent. Or, make a megazine from hashtags on Twittr. Select seme tapics you're interested in, ond Zite presents online news, articles, end pests in a clean end simple formot. Zite learns what you like over fime to bring you the best of your favorite content. TWITTER HASHTAGS Eduters indude keywords lke these in their twh so that een lthem Fiosedopp fipaded ifed in fducotien dedchat edrtion dision Inlearming mabile eaning 4preductivity persanel predutivity INFOGRAPHIC BY TONY VINCENT. FIND HIM ONLINE. Most of the app names and websites mentioned on the single-page PDF version of this infographic are hyperlinks. Go ahead, try clicking! were current when his document was u Links to Amazon and iTunes are afflate links. Tony Vincent may be paida commission it you make a purchase. Pew Internet tablet ownership findings available at Ownership August 2012.aspx Science experiment photo by bomom on Flicker Updated April 2013

The iPad as the Teacher's Pet

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The infographic is all about verbs, that is, the things you can do with an iPad. Those actions include showing your screen on a projector, managing the classroom, assessing student work, interacting w...




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