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iPad 3: Who Will Buy One, and Why?

3. aytm USA in anticipation of the new iPad *25 (?) 1. What will motivate Americans to upgrade/buy iPad 3 Who will upgrade? Current iPad owners are >3X more likely than non-owners to purchase the next iPad within 6 months of launch. = 100,000 NON-iPad owners Since the US market penetration of the iPad is about "10%, our data suggests that out of "10 million iPad 3 purchases in the U.S. within the first 6 months, 78% will be sold to first-time buyers! = 100,000 iPad owners What could Apple do to make more people buy/upgrade to iPad 3 48 Equally influential for all iPad owners would be a better battery. A better camera would make 29% of the current owners For the current iPad 3G subscribers the top desired POSSIBLE feature in the iPad3 is 4G. 35% of them would very likely upgrade just to get it. upgrade and 25% of non-owners buy iPad 3. MADEUSA .. : 4G is half as important for current non-owners. Another way to attract the 26% of potential clients is to move more of the production into the USA. 6AS Retina display is a key driver for 19% of current owners to upgrade. A faster CPU is more important to the iPad 1 owners but may entice 26% of any iPad users to upgrade. Apple would influence 18% of The presence of Siri on the iPad is only interesting to 14% of Americans Americans in their decision to buy/upgrade to the next iPad by committing to more eco-friendly practices. The opportunity to purchase an iPad mini would drive 13% to upgrade. However people who own at least one Apple device would be 7X more likely to buy the new iPad if it had Siri. 2. DNA of U.S. iPad owners in 2012 Model distribution: 40.6% 55.1% 4.3% According to our study, iPad models currently in use in the US are distributed as follows: iPad 1 (original) Some people own 2 or more iPads. Specs: iPad 2 April 2010 March 2011 Original features: 9.7" screen 1024x768 New features: 720p HD still and video camera 0.3 MP front camera 512MB DRAM Apple A5 CPU 256MB DRAM Apple A4 CPU App store 3G/Wi-Fi GPS Models: 32GB (29%) 26% Almost half of all iPads sold have 16GB of storage space 3G Wi-Fi In ownership of 3G-enabled iPads vs. Wi-Fi-only models, the ratio varies from less than one third to over a half (top-of-the-line - 3G & 64GB). 3G 39% Wi-Fi Wi-Fi 3G * 8% were not sure 57% which model they have 64GB (15%) 16GB (48%) iPad 3G owners: usage & satisfaction 29% 70% of current 3G subscribers tried but cancelled are happy with the service. (even with all the 3G buzz, only around 12% of iPad owners are currently Around half are currently subscribed to a data plan. subscribed to a 3G data plan and are happy with it) Wi-Fi 3G About 30% of people buy an iPad with 3G but... 30% are not happy even though still subscribed 19% have never used their 3G ..ll 3G Carriers: AT&T is the only 3G data carrier available for the original iPads. The iPad 2 was also available in at&t Verizon-ready modification. verizon 66% 34% iPad family trees: if you own an iPad, it is 1.7X more likely that there will be other iPad owners in your immediate family 1.7x 23% of NON-iPad owners have immediate family members who own one or more iPads 39% of iPad owners have immediate family members who own one or more iPads Free apps: 29.0% 25.6% Most iPad owners have 11 or more FREE apps installed 21% 14% Free apps 8.1% 2.3% 1-5 apps 6-10 apps 11-20 apps 21-40 apps 40+ apps zero Paid apps: 30.8% Over half of iPad owners have 0-5 paid apps installed 23.5% 20.8% 15.2% Every fifth iPad owner has ŽERO paid apps installed! Paid apps 5% 4.6% 1-5 apps 6-10 apps 11-20 apps 21-40 apps 40+ apps zero Types of apps: females males (iTunes App store categories) iPads are mostly used for playing games, entertainment, social media, music and reading books games 88% 82% entertainment 88% 82% social networking 83% 74% music 79% photo/video 75% 66% books 68% 76% news 59% 67% weather 67% 63% productivity 47% 61% utilities 47% 58% lifestyle 57% 49% education 53% business 33% 52% sports 24% 48% navigation 47% reference 42% 47% finance 33% 45% health/fitness 43% 38% travel 36% 42% medical 30% newsstand 27% Favorite iPad app: Facebook moe Ran Angry Birds is by far the favorite app. Over 11% reported it as such. It's followed in popularity by Facebook, Netflix and Pandora. Twitter Angry Birds Scrabble Pandora Weather channel CN Ihooks Evernote Fruit ninja iTunes - Plants vs. Zombies- - Kindle Flipboard Safari ViggleNetflixWords With Friends Weather Myfitnesspal Where iPads are used? 59% of iPad owners are using it mostly on the couch or in bed 34% 59% 7% on the couch/in the bed on the go at a desk in place of a computer Time-use comparison 38 36 33 On average, females spend about the same time using their iPads as they dedicate to their jobs. 26 25 23 22 In terms of time spent using them, iPads slightly surpassed TVs for those who own both items. 18 12 females males Sleep Work at a Job Use iPad Watch TV Commuting What's missing? According to our open-ended question, the number 1 most-missed feature on the iPad is Adobe Flash Player capabilities. Among other wishes: "Better keyboard," "Better camera, "Siri," "I wish it could cook for me" and "bring me beer..." Flash player Have a camera Piint Telb to mo Cook Siri GPC Tako pictubos DISCLAMERS: SOURCES: áytm. AYTM is an independant DIY online market research platform and is not affiliated with any of the listed brands. Provided opinion data is based on AYTM surveys of 500 Internet users who own an iPad and 2000 Internet users who currently don't. Please e-mail us at [email protected] to request access to the full survey results report. O AYTM | 2012 Drawings & design by Lev Mazin, CEO and co-founder of AYTM .com .... hours/week

iPad 3: Who Will Buy One, and Why?

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The rumor is that the iPad 3 announcement will come in the first week of March, but doesn’t specify when it will be released. For reference, the iPad 2 was announced on March 2nd of last year, and a...






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