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IP Cameras 101

IP CAMERAS 101 Not just a security device anymore, IP cameras are used in homes, businesses and everyday use. THE DEMAND FOR IP CAMERAS IS GROWING RAPIDLY $34.5 B Home Security #1 by 2017 home security device is IP camera Video Surveillance $25.4 B Devices, Components & Applications >60% of the market will be IP cameras, not analog by 2016 VSaas $2.4 B 32% (Video Surveillance as a Service) by 2017 annual growth rate WHAT ARE THEY USED FOR? KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR HOME Only a few years ago the idea of having CCTV in your house was absurd. Now homeowners everywhere are using IP cams to easily and cost-effectively watch their property. НОМЕ PROTECT YOUR BUSINESS Businesses and large institutions were the first major consumers of video monitoring technology. Now with low cost IP cameras, businesses of any size can setup a monitoring system. BIZ PET MONITORING AND MORE. Whether you want to watch your pets, kids, nannies, contractors or really anything, people are finding more and more interesting and novel uses for IP cams. MORE BOTTOM LINE: People use them for peace of mind, a business tool or simply to watch the things they love. They are becoming a ubiquitous device in our connected world. TECHNOLOGY BASICS VIDEO TECHNOLOGY A SMART, ALWAYS CONNECTED DEVICE H.264 is a commonly used format for recording, compressing and distributing HD video. IP cameras connect directly to your network over WiFi just like any of your other smart devices. MJPEG is an older and less efficient format where frames are compressed independently of one another. H.264 achieves much higher compression ratios using interframe prediction/motion compensation. BELLS & WHISTLES Motion detection, remote PTZ (pan-tilt- zoom), infrared and even temperature sensors are available in many models. VIDEO COMPRESSION: H.264 vs. MJPEG Without compromising image quality, H.264 can reduce the size of a digital video file by more than 80% compared with the MJPEG format. The result for consumers is that much less storage and bandwidth are required for a video file. H.264 MJPEG COMPRESSION RATIO CLOUD CAMERAS ~ BOTH HOME AND BUSINESS OWNERS ARE USING THE CLOUD TO TURN THEIR IP CAMS INTO SMART, SECURE CONNECTED DEVICES ~ TOP REASONS PEOPLE USE THE CLOUD CLOUD STORAGE MOBILE SECURITY SIMPLICITY If you want to access your camera from anywhere, the cloud makes that easy. If there's a motion event, you'll want the camera to record video. The cloud is the best place to store any videos. Generally speaking, you'll Using a single, easy-to- get more secure video storage and less chance IP cameras makes things of unwanted access to your cameras. use cloud service for your simple and cost-effective. SOURCES: "Video Surveillance Market - Global Forecast & Analysis (2011 – 2016), MarketsandMarkets; "Video Surveillance As A Service Market - Global Forecast & Analysis (2012-2017)", MarketsandMarkets; "Home Security Solutions Market - Global Forecast & Analysís (2012 – 2017)", MarketsandMarkets. camcloud

IP Cameras 101

shared by bharrison on Sep 19
IP Cameras 101 is a short primer on these increasingly popular devices that are used in the home, business and more.




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