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Inventions that shaped the way we work fy legasconsulting INVENTIONS THAT SHAPED THE WAY WE WORK Over the past centuries technology has slowly, but irreversibly changed the way we live our lives, do our job, develop our career and our vision of the future. Some jobs disappeared while new ones emerged, every new technology has brought new opportunities and amplified the possibility of developing new lifestyles. |flower = decade petal = year Each flower represents a decade, and each flower petal represents a year of the decade numbered clockwise. The colored petals represent the years in which a year order = clockwise device/technology was invented. How to read: (7 9. FIRST INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION MECHANIZATION 1760 1770 1780 1790 N. J. Cugnot the steam-powered vehicle G.Medhurst the motorized air compressor L.N. Robert the paper machine T. Saint the sewing machine E. Cartwright the power loom C. Chappe the semaphore telegraph E.Whitney the cotton gin J. Watt the improved steam engine - Hargreaves the spinning jenny J. Wilkinson the mechanical air compressor J. Wilkinson the boring machine A. Meikle the threshing machine C. de Jouffroy the steamboat J. Bramah the hydraulic press 1800 1810 1820 1830 A. Volta an early form of battery F. Koenig the powered printing press Р. Bel the reaping machíne W. Otis the steam shovel C. Babbage the first programmable mechanical N. Niepce the internal combustion engine F. I. de Rivaz the automobile powered by an internal combustion engine F. Ronalds the working electric telegraph R. Stirling the Stirling engine computer R. Trevithick the steam locomotive J. Fox the planing machine M. von Jacobi the practical electric motor 1840 1850 1860 H. J. Maus the Tunnel boring machine G. Planté the lead acid battery A. Bain the printing telegraph 1. J. Couch the pneumatic drill J. Harrison the ice making machine and refrigerator SECOND INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION MASS PRODUCTION 1870 1880 1890 1900 J. Swan and T. Edison the functional Incandescent light bulb G. Rignoux andA. Fournier the first television broadcast C. Ader the aircraft, airplane, fly machine T. Kober the first Zeppelin W. Jungner the rechargeable nickel-cadmium J. Blyth the wind turbine for generating electricity battery T. Edison the phonograph Н. С. Воoth the first "vacuum cleaner" L.Bouly the cinematograph Z. Gramme the commercial electrical generator K.Benz A. G. Bell patent for the telephone N. A. Otto the Four-stroke cycle the petrol or gasoline powered auto-mobile C. Gassner the zinc-carbon battery G. Marconi a system of wireless communication W. Conrad Röntgen the radiograph C. Parsons the modern steam turbine R. Diesel the diesel engine G.Trouvé the metal detector 1910 1920 1930 1940 F. Whittle the turbojet F. Zernike the Phase-contrast microscopy E. Ruska the electron microscope G. S. Yunyev or N Gurvich the electric current defibrillator A. M. Nicholson the crystal ocillator K. Zuse the freely programmable computer in the U.S. the atomic clock W. Marrison and J.W. Horton the quartz clock in Nazi Germany the V-2 rocket V. Kaplan the Kaplan turbine R. H. Goddard launches the liquid fueled rocket Sir J. Martin the ejector seat E. H. Armstrong M radio is patented in Great Britain & France the first operational military tanks FM 1950 1960 J.Kilby and R. Noyce the integrated circuit (chip) I. Sutherland and B. Sproull the first virtual reality headset T. Maiman the first functioning laser IBM the first PC used by one person and controlled by a keyboard in the U.S. the thermonuclear weapon Soviet Union the first artificial satellite, Sputnik 1 N. Sawazaki the video tape IBM H. A. Gilbert the electronic cigarette recorder the hard disk drive C. Souther Fuller, D. Chapin and G. Pearson the Solar Battery THIRD INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION AUTOMATION 1970 1980 1990 2000 in Japan the pocket calculator F. Masuoka Flash memory Sir T. Berners-Lee The World Wide Web Sony SaeHan Inohation Blu-ray optical disc format R. Tomlinson Email F. Faggin & team the single-chip microprocessor the MP3 player Apple Inc the iPhone Trek Technology USB drive Apple Inc the iPod A CD-ROM containing data accessible to, Amazon Amazon Kindle the video game console but not writable by, a computer first popular web browser Mosaic, the the camera phone LG CERN the capacitive touchscreen microcomputer v. Cerf and R. E. Kahn the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) the first phone with a large capacitive touchscreen MITS Altair 8800 J. B. Goodenough, R. Yazami and A. Yoshino the lithium-ion battery Philips, Sony, Toshiba, and Panasonic DVD Motorola the Japan "intelligent" television receivers the HTC smartphone Suite phone Apple Inc. iPad Tesla Model Raspberry Pi Google Chromecast DJI Phantom Amazon Echo FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION CYBERNETIZATION 2010 IBM first Com s antum commercial use system for Xbox Adaptive Controller Nintendo Switch Аpple watch Information source:

Inventions that shaped the way we work

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All the machines invented from the first industrial revolution until now.


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