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Inventing Across Borders

GRAPHITI Japan ASIA-PACIFIC Japan and Korea are the least collabora- tive major patenters, while Taiwanese companies often look across the Pacific. Korea THE AMERICAS O New Zealand Although its ratio ofinternational collab- oration is relatively low, the U.S. domi- nates in sheer volume and global reach. Australia China Russian Federation Inventing across Borders United States Singapore O MAPPING INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATION IN R&D Canada alk of globalization often focuses | on manufacturing, but the map at right shows that the creation of ideas and products is just as much an international affair. A growing num- ber of applications filed under the international Patent Coöperation Treaty (PCT) have authors located in two or more countries. Each line in Finland India Sweden Norway Denmark, Netherlands United Kingdom Germany Belgium map represents one of these col- laborations between 2004 and 2006, revealing the complex architecture of global innovation networks. Smaller countries that need to tap into bigger markets or the research infrastructure of their wealthier counterparts tend to participate heavily in international collabora- tion. Nearly half of Switzerland's applications, for instance, involve a coauthor abroad; for Thailand, the Austria -Italy France- Israel Spain EUROPEAN UNION The tangle of connections above Europe shows the easewith which researchers there cross national borders. Switzerland MAP LEGEND South Africa Country color Percentage of PCT applications with co- author located abroad Bubble size Lines PCT applications with coauthor located abroad, 2004-2006 PCT applications authored by top 25 producers an export-dependent emerging nation, it's three-quarters. Levels of international collaboration vary 150,000 1-25 N/A. 100,000 50,000 25,000 10,000 1,000 26-50 0%-9% more among larger countries. Japan and Korea-whether because of 51-100 10%-19% 101-200 20%-29% geography, language, or culture- participate less ininternational coinvention than any other major patenters. The United States is the largest collaborator by volume, mak- ing connections with nearly every country on earth.–Matt Mahoney 201-400 30%-49% 401-800 50%-74% Total patents 801-1,600 75%-100% Patents with 1,601 or more a foreign co-author Source: Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development Patent Database Maps by TOMMY MCCALL and AARCON KOBLIN 24 GRAPHITI TECHNOLOGY REVIEW MARCH/APRIL 2010 wwW.TECHNOLOGYREVIEW.COM FOREWARD 25

Inventing Across Borders

shared by Kristofferson on May 19
Often, inventions don't happen in one place, but spring simultaneously from bright minds around the world. This graphic visualizing international collaboration shows the ease with which researchers f...


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