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Intersection of Technologies

INTERSECTION Today, every idea, experience, interaction and transaction can be instantly stored, shared, analyzed and re-purposed. Technology helps us find smart ways to use data, create remarkably efficient ways to solve problams, overcome barriers, find new truths and create a mesmerizing future to live in. The change is happening at the intersection of techmologies. Tomorrow's technologies are enabling artificial intelligence, new generation materials and digital substitutes, and context-aware and augmented systems. OF TECHNOLOGIES WIPRO Applying Thought APPLICATIONS AT THE INTERSECTION CREATING BREAKTHROUGH J SETS HIS CAR TO SELF-DRIVE MODE, AS NE DRIVES TO CLEVELAND CLINC. ME PULLS UP A PRESENTATION THAT IS DUE TOMORROW AT WORK, ON HIS HOLOGRAPHNC TABLET. AN TMIS MAGH-TECH CITY, J'S CAR IS NOT THE ONLY SENSOR MONTORNS HEALTH. THE BRIDGE THAT SS DRIVING ON MAS A SELF-CHECK SENSOR, TMAT WILL ALERT AUTMORITES ON ANY POSSIBLE WEAKNESS ON THE BRADGE, SEVERAL DAYS N ADVANCE MEANWHILE, SS CAR BULT IN WITH TELEMATNCS IS CONSTANTLY EXCHANGING INFORMATION WITH OF TECHNOLOGIES THE CAR INSURANCE COMPANY, OPTAMIZING THE PRICE POWT FOR J AND THE COMPANY. A FEW MILES AWAY KATHY'S REFRIGERATOR MAS ORDERED A FRESN SET OF GROCERIES FROM FRESH DRECT, WниE КATHY s ENJOYMG DIWMER OUT WITH A FRIEND AT A та JAPANESE RESTAURANT. AS THE SUN SETS, THIS URBAN LANDSCAPE COMES ALIVE, POWERED BY A SMART GRID RUN ON SUSTAINABLE AND TRANSACTIVE ENERGY SYSTEMS. AS KATHY FLIPS TWOUGH TH JAPANESE MENU, ALL OF THE TEXT IS BENG TRANSLATED NTO ENGLISH SMART AGENT NEWELL CHECKS WS SMART WATCH TMAT WNL HELP SCREEN PEOPLE FOR THE HNGN PROFILE CEREMONY THAT THE MAYOR IS ATTENDNG. SYSTEMS THROUGH HER AUGMENTED REALITY ENABLED GLASSES. SMART SYSTEMS HAVE 68% REMOTE MONITORING 63% ANALYTICS 62% DEVICE THE GREATEST IMPACT ON MANAGEMENT 1M 50% 30M 435K SMART DEVICES SMART TRAFFIC SMART METERING SMART FLEET Amazon sells over 1 million kindles a week and panasonic has developed an android app to control microwaves, air condition- ing, washingmachines and blood pressure monitors. Intelligent traffic control systems can make road traffic safer. An adaptive traffic system in Troy, NY, USA reduced serious injury in Smart energy meters can lead to an 8.7% reduction in energy consumption when real-time usage data ia available to consumers. In Italy, 30 million properties already have M2M electricity meters There are 435,000+ fleet management solutions already deployed in Europe. Scania, Mercedez-Benz and Volvo trucks are fitting fleet management as standard WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY crashes by 50% CONNECTED WORLD TOTAL CONNECTED DEVICES +, MOBILE CONNECTED 14M 1171M DEVICES Wearable devices were estimated to have been shipped in 2011 By 2016, this is forecast to grow between 39 million and 171 million 31% 61% 2011 69% 2011 9 BILLION 6 BILLION of the wearable technology market was in the healthcare and medical sector in 2012 of all devices in the wearble market are fitness or activity of adults track a health indicator for themselves or others 2020 2020 trackers 24 BILLION 12 BILLION DO BUSINESS BETTER NYSE WIT I OVER 140,000 EMPLOYEES I 57 COUNTRIES I CONSULTING I SYSTEM NTEGRATION I OUTSOURCING SOURCES: Memoori Business Inteligence Ltd,,, CISO0, Fomester Pesearch and Wipro Ltd.

Intersection of Technologies

shared by Wipro on Nov 08
Today, every idea, experience & interaction can be instantly stored, shared, analyzed & re-purposed. Technology helps us find smart ways to solve problems, find new truths & create a mesmerizing futur...




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