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Internet Use Across Age Groups

NG How different age groups are using the internet Ht lete alu With the growth of social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter, traditional blogging has been usurped by micro-blogging quick and short 140 character updates instead of lengthy, in-depth (and sometimes still equally pointless) articles. However, while teens and young adults seem to be shunning blogging, it is still strong among the over 30s. 25% 50% 100% INTERNET USE BY AGE GROUP KEY BLOGGING 12-17 YEAR OLDS I SOCIAL NETWORKING 18-29 YEAR OLDS I TWITTER 30-49 YEAR OLDS SHARE CONTENT ONLINE 50-64 YEAR OLDS I CELL PHONE OWNERSHIP 65 YEAR OLDS MP3 OWNERSHIP BREAKDOWN OF USEAGE BY ACTIVITY/GADGET OWNERSHIP 2009 12-17 YEAR OLDS ADULT'S POSTING COMMENTS ON BLOGS 18-29 YEAR OLDS 18-29 YEARS OLD 30% 30+ YEARS OLDS 30+ YEARS OLDS 24% 12-17 YEAR OLDS ADULT SOCIAL NETWORK ACCOUNTS | 18-29 YEAR OLDS FACEBOOK 73% | 30+ YEARS OLDS MYSPACE 48% | 12-17 YEAR OLDS 18+ ALL ADULTS LINKEDIN 14% 12-17 YEAR OLDS 30+ YEARS OLDS 12-17 YEAR OLDS 18+ALL ADULTS 12-17 YEAR OLDS 18+ ALL ADULTS 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 25% 50% 100% Source: Created by Robin Richards

Internet Use Across Age Groups

shared by admin on Mar 21
While your parents may own computers and actively use them to surf the Web, chances are that they are using the Internet for different purposes than you do. While the younger generation of Web users l...


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