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Internet of Things: Now & Later

ToT, O PLANET TECHNOLOGY NORTH AMERICAN DISTRIBUTOR Now & Later What's Your Projection for 2020? Many companies have their own predictions on the number of objects to be connected to the internet in 2020. MIT Tech. 28 Planetech USA likes Cisco's Gartner 33 prediction the best! Cisco 50 According to IDTechEx That's a lot of dough! Here is the RFID's (Radio Frequency Identification) market total volume: 2013 2014 2024 2$ %24 $4 777 Billion 8.89 Billion 27.31 Billion Top 3 Industries to Profit the Most From loT According to a new report from, the healthcare Internet of HANUFACTURI » Manufacturing » Healthcare Things market segment is poised to hit $117 billion by » Insurance 2020. net-of-things-healthcare-devices/ ture/digitalization-and-software/internet-of-things-facts-and-forecasts.html Exploring the loT 68% of companies are allocating an IT 3/4 of companies are exploring loT budget to loT Let's Put This in Prespective! IPV6 There are 10O IP addresses for every atom on Earth = 100 %3D IP Addresses Amounts of information in the DU (Digital Universe) TODAY 2020 TODAY * There would be enough DU to fill up a stack of iPad Airs (128gb) reaching 2/3 of the way to the moon. 2020 * There will be 6.6 stacks. TODAY 2015 2020 * The average household creates enough data to fill 65 iPhones (32gb) per year. х 65 x 318 2020 * This will grow to 318 iPhones. TODAY * If a byte of data were a 00:10 00:02 gallon of water, in only 10 seconds there would be enough data to fill an average house. 2020 * It will only take 2 seconds. Billion Gartner Prediction NSURANCE HEALTHCARE

Internet of Things: Now & Later

shared by PlanetechUSA on Nov 13
The following infographic provides a sneak peek into the exponential expansion of the IoT (Internet of Things) movement.


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