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The Internet: Then And Now

The IOTERNET THEN AND NOW Do you remember what the Internet looked like 40, 30, 20, or even 1O years ago? Neither did we. Let's take a look at the Internet then compared to the Internet now. INTERNET ADOPTION The U.S. military's funding of a research network, dubbed Arpanet, connected 4 computers at university research labs. 1969 It was renamed the Internet when it linked 1,000 hosts 1984 at university and corporate labs. The Internet saw 50 million 50M users, supported by approximately 25 million 1998 users servers. 1B It linked more than 440 million computers directly & topped 1 billion users. 2009 users 2.1B The global Internet population reached 2.1 billion people. 2012 users 7% More than 2.7 billion people are using the Internet. That's 47% of the world's 2013 41% 750 million households - 41% Globally - are connected to the Internet. population. WEBSITES 634 MILLION 130 100K 1993 1996 2012 ACTIVE DOMAIN NAMES www 17.8M 226M 174M 2012 2008 2000 GOOGLE SEARCH QUERIES Google Google's first official year 9.8K/DAY 1.2B SEARCHES/DAY 438B ANNUALLY 3B SEARCHES/DAY 1.2TRILLION ANNUALLY 3.6M ANNUALLY 1998 2007 2012 EMAIL 297B 178B 31B daily 204M/min first email emails sent daily daily 2M/sec was sent 1971 2001 2008 2012 SOCIAL MEDIA USAGE Linked in myspace, Myspace and LinkedIn facebook. Facebook launched 2004 launched 2803 friendster 1 billion Facebook 2.7 billion likes everyday users Reached 3M users in 3 months 175M tweets 135M Twitter Launched users on Google+ sent daily 2012 7B pieces of content shared 58/sec Instagram photos 2813 200M users on 200M Twitter users weekly 200M 2 new users/sec on it 75M users on 65M Linkedin users daily tweets 2818 3.5 billion pieces f of content shared on Facebook weekly 50M 2818 400M users 57M users users 100M users UIDEO UPLOADS YouTube reached 1 billion 2009 IB daily video views. 2 billion video views every day on YouTube more than 1 trillion views or 2B 2011 around 140 views for every person on Earth. 2012 Gangnam Style was the first video to hit 1 billion views. 2013 vimeo You Tube You Tube facebook. 14 million Vimeo YouTube has 1b More than 4 billion hours of videos are 72 hours of video are 500 years of YouTube video are YouTube Over 700 YouTube videos are shared on became the unique monthly uploaded to YouTube users. No. 2 search watched engine. watched visitors. every day on Facebook. every month. Twitter each every minute. minute. E-COMMERCE SALES III III %24225.5B $72B 2012 2002 MOBILE 1973 Motorola produced the first handheld mobile phone. The first analog cellular system widely deployed in North America. 1978 IBM Simon was introduced - a mobile phone, pager, fax IHM machine, and PDA all rolled 1993 into one. The first pre-commercial trial network with 3G was 2001 launched. 295 million subscribers on 3G 2007 395B networks worldwide, which reflected 9% of the total worldwide subscriber base. Only 31% of American adults used their cell phones to go 4G 2009 4G technology was introduced. online. 2012 2013 1.3 billion global smartphone 6.8 billion mobile subscriptions. subscribers. 500 megabytes of monthly data traffic consumed by the average smartphone. 25% of global YouTube views come from mobile devices. 55% of American adults use their cell phones to go online. People watch 1 billion views a day on YouTube mobile. Sources: I | I I I Thenextweb I | | Dailyinfographic I I I I WholsHostingThis? 2806 6882 2011 2802 LLLL

The Internet: Then And Now

shared by mrchibolin on Sep 04
The Internet is a vastly different beast today than it was 40 years ago. This illustration takes a look at the transformation that brought it from four computers to over 750 million households. In one...


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