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Internet Consumption Around the World

INTERNET CONSUMPTION Around the World 2013 marked the first year that there are more mobile internet devices than humans. How do YOU consume the internet? FIXED BROADBAND About 40% of the worlds households are online through fixed broadband ACCESS RATES PER 100 PEOPLE: Lltia 78 77 61 46 28 34 33 ELOPED DEVELOORLD EUROPE C.I.S. DEVELOPILD AFRICA THE AMERICASN ARAB STATES (Russia, et ali ASIA & PACIFIC HOW QUICKLY DO YOU CONSUME? the largest % of users have speeds of: Faster Slower > 10mbits/s >2 Mbits/s to <10Mbits/s >256kbits/s to <2Mbits/s NO DATA TOP 5 FASTEST TOP 5 COUNTRIÈS SLOWEST COUNTRIES KOREA IRAN JAPAN BHUTAN BULGARIA GUYANA CHINA CHINA ICELAND BENIN Surprise! You might think the US would be among the fastest, but it is actually closer to the middle of the pack. Other Dervices and Connections: PHONES 25% of the world is on mobile broadband smartphones SHARE OF TOTAL MOBILE With SUBSCRIPTIONS: consuming 92% of Asia-Pacific: 43.2% global data Africa: 4.5% Arab States: 3.4% CIS: 6.2% - Americas: 22.2% Europe: 20.4% Even though they're only 18% of handsets AVERAGE SMARTPHONE BEHAVIOR Number of times typical user checks phone per day for: 12 CALENDAR WEB ALARM 18 CAMERA GAMING SEARCH 12 EI л CHECKING TIME MUSIC 18 13 NEWS AND ALERTS MESSAGING Hello! 23 VOICE CALL SOCIAL MEDIA AND TABLETS DEVICES OF ALL KINDS Less than 3 years from their introduction, they have surpassed desktop PC and notebook shipments: Number of internet connected devices by household: America.: 5.7 Europe: 10 PC's Laptops Tablets 23% 5% PC's 50 Smart PC's 40 Other by 2017 30 2% Consoles 20 10 67% Smartphones & Tablets 1995 2001 2007 2013 So, we' ve got all these devices and connections. Now what? WHAT WE CONSUME There's 9 x more content online than there was 5 years ago AVERAGE NUMBER OF ONLINE GAMERS AND TIME SPENT PER DAY shown in millions people / minutes per visitor North America: 30.3 / 107 Latin America: 14.9 / 67 Europe: 45.6 / 97 Middle East/Africa: 6.2 / 45 Dames Asia/Pacific: 47.9 / 47 Globally, ONE IN FOUR internet users bank online Percentage of users by region 100 100 45 25.1 37.8 8.8 22 NORTH AMERICA LATIN EUROPE MIDDLE EAST/ AMERICA ASIA AFRICA PACIFIC O Videos per month by country Canada: 303 U.S.: 286 UK: 268 Turkey: 250 Germany: 250 Japan: 222 France: 190 Spain: 178 Video Hong Kong: 160 Singapore: 153 Search and Social Networks Top site by by country Google Facebook Yahoo Other No Data Brought to you by: INTERNATIONALBUSINESSGUIDE.ORG. -surpass-half-a-billion-in-u-s-homes-according-to-the-npd-group/ rope-there-are-10-digital-devices-per-house hold-and-the-number-will-grow-as-smart-computing-takes-hold.aspx

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    Internet Consumption Around the World

    shared by bogdan on Apr 01
    2013 marked the first year that there are more mobile internet devices than humans. How do you consume the internet? See in this infographic what are the regions that consume the most internet, where ...




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