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The Internet in 2015

THE INTERNET in 2015 IS THE DAWN OF THE ZETTABYTE ERA But how much data are we talking about? MEGABYTES 1000 MEGABYTES = 1GB %3D GIGABYTES 1000 GIGABYTES = 1TB TERABYTES 1000 TERABYTES = 1PB 1000 PETABYTES = 1EB EXABYTES 1000 EXABYTES =1 ZETTABYTE 1ZB How much is an exabyte really? 1 exabyte amounts to 36,000 years of HD-TV video, or the equivalent of 1 ZETTABYTE streaming the entire Netflix catalog 3,177 times. 1 EXABYTE What does internet traffic look like right now? 10,000PB 8,000PB 6,000PB 4,000PB 2,000PB OL FILE VIDEO WEB VIDEO GAMING VolP EMAIL CALLING & DATA SHARING (VOICE OVER IP) IT WOUL D TAKE OVER 5 YEARS TO WATCH THE AMOUNT OF VIDEO THAT WILL CROSS GLOBAL NETWORKS EVERY SECOND IN 2015 How will internet traffic grow? 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 What will internet traffic be in 2015? FILE SHARING 14K PETABYTES PER MONTH VIDEO 34K PB WEB, EMAIL, DATA 9K PB VIDEO CALLING 2K PB MOST INTERNET TRAFFIC IN 2015 VIDEO will be What type of video? зк 16K 6K зк 2K Зк O 5,000 Petabytes 10K 15K 20K 25K 30K How will people be getting their video? MOBILE NETWORKS PB/month 4K/85 FIXED NETWORKS PB/month 2010 16K/1K 11K/493 7K/213 2011 2012 2013 зок/ЗK 22K/1.9K 2014 2015 -Annual global IP traffic- WILL RE ACH THE, ZETTABYTE THRESHOLD BY THE END OF 2015 But how much is that really? IF THE 11 oz COFFEE ON YOUR DESK EQUALS ONE GIGABYTE A ZETTABYTE would have THE SAME VOLUME AS THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA Source: Cisco Visual Networking Index Brought to you by CISCO 60,000PB MOBILE VIDEO 50,000PB INTERNET PVR AMBIENT VIDEO LIVE INTERNET TV 40,000PB INTERNET VIDEO ON TV 30,000PB 20,000 Petabytes LONGER THAN 7 MINUTES LONG FORM SHORT FORM PETABYTES PER MONTH

The Internet in 2015

shared by Ariela on Jun 27
The Internet in 5 years will see the dawn of the Zettabyte Era and an overtaking of Web traffic with video consumption at the helm.




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