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Interesting Microsoft Facts

Microsoft FACTS 1 Microsoft didn't make MS-DOS, their original operating system. They licensed the software for 86-DOS (aka Quick and Dirty DOS) from Seattle Computer Products, reworked it, and then re-named it. 2 Microsoft is involved in near-continual legal battles. A large portion of their legal woes for the last decade centered around monopoly-like business practices that illegally blocked competition. 3 At Microsoft, they like to mix business with pleasure. Paul Allen, Microsoft cofounder, was a childhood friend of Bill Gates. Founder Bill Gates married Microsoft employee Melinda French. Steve Ballmer, the current Microsoft CEO, was a Harvard classmate of Bill Gates. He was Microsoft's 24th employee. 4 Chujwamwdupe, a hacker, published attack codes after Microsoft refused to credit him for finding software vulnerabilities. Microsoft usually credits hackers by their online handle, but "chujwamwdupe" is a sexually explicit term in Polish, and Microsoft was uncomfortable with the graphic name. 5 Microsoft's Net Income & Revenue Measured in billions: $60.42 B $58.44 B $62.48 B NET INCOME $51.12 B NET REVENUE $44.28 B $39.79 B $36.84 B $32.19 B $28.37 B $25.3 B $7.35 B $5.35 B $7.53 B $8.17 B $12.25 B $12.6 B $14.07 B $17.68 B $14.57 B $18.76 B 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 6 Microsoft was originally called Micro-soft. • They removed the hyphen in 1976. • Microsoft is a combination of the word "microcomputer" and "software." 7 Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard to found Microsoft. Current CEO Steve Ballmer finished Harvard, but dropped out of Stanford, where he was attending graduate school, in order to join Microsoft. YEAR 1: $16,000 8 Microsoft total revenue YEAR 5: $1,000,000 it's first year: $16,000. In 1989, just four years later, it was making $1 million. 9Windows was originally called "Interface Manager." Fortunately the marketing department stepped in. INTERFACE MANAGER 98 10 WinVer 1.4, the first Windows virus, was unleashed in 1992. 11 Jim Allchin, a former Microsoft executive who retired the day Windows Vista was released to the public, felt that Microsoft lost its way with Windows Vista. He claimed he would purchase a Mac if he didn't work for Microsoft. 12 Microsoft made Bill Gates Наpрy a billionaire by age 31. 31st! He was knighted by the Queen of England in 2005. 13 2009 was the first time in 23 years that Microsoft reported a quarterly drop in revenue. 14 Microsoft has more than 10,000 patents. They are one of the top five U.S. patent holders and file about 3,000 every year. 15 Microsoft is one of the biggest corporate collectors of contemporary artwork. They have over 5,000 pieces. Their collection includes work by: Cindy Sherman Chuck Close Takashi Murakami 16 It's a Microsoft tradition to celebrate events with M&M candies. Milk Chocolate 17 Microsoft interviewees are asked very unusual questions like: They're also asked to design products that Microsoft isn't going to produce, like a coffee maker for astronauts. Microsoft uses these unique questions to gauge their creativity. Why are manholes round? 18 Temporary Microsoft employees are given an email address with a dash before the 'at' symbol. Permanent employees refer to them as "Dash Trash." -@ DASH TRASH Sources:,2933,372490,00.html history.shtml States_v._Microsoft

Interesting Microsoft Facts

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