Intel Serves Up Christmas

(intel) Intel Serves Up Christmas We know that people are going to be busy watching movies this Christmas and that movie making today is heavily reliant upon computer server technology. But did you know that Intel based servers are also working behind the scenes to bring you all of these other Christmas experiences? Settle down to watch the Christmas family movie It takes many servers one week to render 3 seconds of a movie. With average film times at 127 minutes that's a massively compute intensive process 2010 Christmas blockbuster "Megamind" used over 375 intel based servers just to render the movie Googling for Gifts 50 billion web pages to search Some of the 80OM European web users will be using the internet as their You'll find Intel in over 90% of the annual source of gift inspiration 8 Million x86 servers shipped globally. They power the internet and business smartphones and tablets this Christmas! Shopping on-the-go using In 2011 eBay expects to see €3.7B in sales from mobile devices alone. That's 3 purchases every second! Avoid crowds and shop online this Christmas For every 600 smartphones or 121 toblet PCs you need one Intel server to deliver your content In the two week run up to Christmas it is expected that E3.72bn will be spent online by UK consumers, marking it out as the busiest period of the year for online traders. h 2011 PaPal wil Landle nore than Did you know that Intel is working with $3.5 Billion A panents • Intel even adds the ingredients to your Christmas dinner! mastercard to deliver a more secure online shopping experience From the cardboard cortons for the cream to accompany your Christmas pudding, to snacking on your favourite crisps in front of a family movie. Intel servers are involved in the creation! Did you know that Proctor and Gamble used High Performance Compute Servers to optimize the oerodynamics of their potato crisps for faster manufacture and that over 76% of the top 500 performing HPC systems in the world are based on Intel Architecture? (intel Your gift delivered to your o door - by Intel servers DHL manages over 1,000,000 transactions every hour. That work is all done by servers in a data center, making sure you get your presents before Christmas DHL -Send best wishes to your friends and relatives The Big Day arrives Logistics companies use Intel technology: Your top-of-the-line Intel based server can cope with almost 2,500 web transactions every second On Dec. 13, 2010, Fedex delivered a staggering 15.6 million parcels in one day! Last Christmas the 209M European O Facebook subscribers made that site the most visited. It accounted for over 10% of ll website hits in the UK on Christmas day! Up to 25 million people across the world will try to see a speak to relatives on Christmas Day Your phone calls and best wishes will pass through a number of intel based servers on their way to your friends and loved ones. More than 75% of Google and Facebook's traffic are handled by Intel based servers. Facebook saw a 62% improvement in performance of their network when they implemented Intel's latest servers. using Skyne Most searched Christmas terms on Google in the month leading up to Christmas 2011 4. Christnas cits Christmas lights 3. Christnas Leas 5. Christmas cards Ckristnas Caristnas 2 Christmas tree 6. Christmas decoration 7. Ciristmas nartets Intel and the Intel logo are trodemarks of intel Corporation in the United States ond other countries. * Other names ond brands may be claimed as the property of others

Intel Serves Up Christmas

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We know that people are going to be busy watching movies this Christmas and that movie making today is heavily reliant upon computer server technology... But did you know that Intel based servers are ...




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