Innovation is an ongoing journey

OBS 2013 Survey Innovation is an ongoing journey You've heard SharePoint is great, easy to use and primed to enable efficiences for large and small organisations of all kinds. Too bad no one knows how, though. Is SharePoint right for my organisation? What industry do you work in? (response by industry, 2013) Government administration and defence 15.38% Health and community services Education 10.26% 9.97% Electricity, gas and water supply Personal and other services 8.83% 8.55% Mining Finance and insurance 7.98% 5.98% Manufacturing Property and business services 5.98% 5.98% Communication services 5.70% Construction 3.70% Transport and storage Retail trade 3.70% 2.28% Wholesale trade 2.28% Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting 1.99% Accommodation, cafes and restaurants I 0.85% Cultural and recreational services | 0.57% How large is your organisation? (response by number of employees, 2013) 15.95% SSharePoint ? 9.69% More than 5000 Between 1001-5000 Between 501-1000 O Between 251-500 Between 51-250 Less than 50 13.11% People who don't always work together can share documents, learnings and experiences. Other co-workers can find those learnings again easily, and streamline boring but necessary organisational process. So, where do we start then? What is your organisation using Microsoft SharePoint for? (response by application workload, 2013) Intranet/Portal Document & Record Management Forms & Workflow 84.21% 62.35% | 57.49% Collaboration 55.47% Search 45.75% Business Intelligence Internet & Web Presence 21.86% 19.03% Social Networking (Blogs Wikis) 18.22% Nothing at this stage | 1.62% Other (please specify) | 1.21% Is your organisation considering an online (cloud) platform as part of IT's infrastructure? Everyone is talking about the Cloud. Many businesses will adopt a Hybrid Cloud approach to complement existing investments in on-premise applications and security, but open up new avenues for delivering organisational services. 3 Can't we just (response percentage, 2013) use the Cloud for that? 55.15% 44.85% N Office 365 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Yes O No Yammer S>SharePoint Ililı Ililı What is your organisation considering using the 'Cloud'for? Inlılı (response percentage, 2013) Inlılı Software as a service (Saas) 42.67% n Office 365 Online collaboration Ililı Microsoft Dynamics CRM yammer sb SharePoint 26.67% Email 18% Internet sites 12.67% Adoption issues are a barrier inside organisations and are preventing them from getting the full benefits of software applications like SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, Office 365 and Yammer. Technology is the easy bit. People need a hand with change - its 80% of the effort in projects. 4 The tools are great, but how do we get people Lots more we can do Hard to using them? Don't understand it train people Learning how it works still Lack of knowledge ... How would you rate your organisation's overall satisfaction with Microsoft SharePoint? O Office 365 (response percentage, 2013) Microsoft Dynamics CRM Yammer I'm not sure 6.07% Very Satisfied Somewhat Satisfied 25.51% SharePoint 54.25% Somewhat Dissatisfied 12.55% Dissatisfied I 1.62% The top business critical tools are Business Operations Systems, Email Communications Systems, Finance Systems and Human Resource Systems. All of these can be integrated with SharePoint to help Business relevance and user adoption. Now this is starting to make sense... How can we make SharePoint Finance more important to the business? Email Systems Communications Systems Business In your organisation, where does SharePoint rank in Operations Systems Marketing Operations importance against other key business systems? (average rating, 2013) Yammer Business Operations System Email Communications System Finance System Microsoft SharePoint 2.81 O Office 365 2.89 2.94 Microsoft Dynamics CRN 4.03 Customer Relationship Management System Marketing Operations System Instant Message Communications System | 4.31 5.39 | 5.62 As the business begins to integrate a few key systems ... the magic happens! Efficiencies are found, productivity increases and the connectivity amongst people is company-wide. Its just the start of an exciting Journey and OBS can help you get there. 6. PRODUCTIVITY Finally, Ihave a clearer picture! EFFICIENCY SCALABILITY What are the top application workloads planned to be invested in by the organisation over the next three years? (response percentage, 2013) CONNECTIVITY Internet/Portal Document & Records Management Business Intelligence Internet & Web Presence 70.69% Microsaft Dynamics CRM 49,64% 25% | 23.68% |Office 365 yammer Collaboration 20.95% Forms & Workflow Social Networking (Blogs Wikis) Search 17.97% 12.90% 12.90% Fobs TRANSFORM YOUR BUSINESS SOURCE: National SharePoint Survey 2013 (number of respondents = 351) 13.11% 20.51% 27.64%

Innovation is an ongoing journey

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The purpose of this infographic was to associate OBS with idea of ‘Collaboration in the Cloud’ plus technologies


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