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Information Technology Workforce

The Anatomy of the IT Industry Workforce 4.6 million workers in IT industry As dissected by CompTIA's IT Industry Outlook 2013 The IT industry workforce is a complex ecosystem. Contrary to popular belief, IT employees are not limited to the large technology firms or "24/7 in-front-of-a-computer-screen" workdays. This growing field of diversely talented professionals, operates in every industry of the economy. IT Industry Employment 421k According to the research consultancy IDC, the global IT 14.16 IT workers are self employed market reached $3.6 trillion in 2012 - almost $1 trillion in the U.S. alone. The U.S. IT industry is segmented into several categories with workers spread across various sectors and firm sizes - from multinational corporations to sole proprietorships. million IT workers are employed by firms • In 2012, an estimated 4.6 million workers were employed in the U.S. IT industry These employees are divided among 168k U.S. employer firms:4.2 million are employed by these firms • The most concentrated sectors for IT industry employment is IT services (15 million employed) and telecom/info services (1.5 million employed) • Sixty percent of workers in the IT industry are employed by large firms (500+ workers) 421k are self-employed IT Occupation Employment There are approximately 4.2 million workers employed in IT occupations non-IT industries. There are several technology-intense peripheral occupations in non-IT industries that require significant levels of technological expertise. PERIPHERAL NON-IT INDUSTRY TECH JOBS 4.2 Computer support specialists • Of these occupations, computer support specialists, software/applications developers and computer systems analysts are the most prevalent core IT jobs (632k; 539k; 487k workers each, respectively) million IT workers are employed in core IT occupations Computer systems analysts Software/applications developers BIGGEST GROWTH IN NON-IT INDUSTRY TECH JOBS 28% System administrator/software and application developers forward to 202o • From 2010-2020, the three biggest increases in number of jobs per occupation will occur in Software/Systems software developers (32%). database administrators (31%) and network and computer systems administrators/software and applications developers. (28%) • The top three average annual salaries are for the following occupations: • Computer and Information Sy • Computer and Information Research Scientists ($1O3K) • Computer Hardware Engineers (S101K) • There are 790k U.S. workers in peripheral IT positions 31%' 32% Systems Managers ($125k) Software/systems software developers Database administrators Skills Gap IT Unemployment Over the past two years, the IT industry skills gap has continued to be perceived as a growing issue. At the same time, close to half of IT executives (43%) feel that the skills gap in the IT industry is equal to that of other industries. In 2012, the national unemployment rate for IT occupations, including computer and mathematical categories, was less than half of the national average for unemployment. The IT industry also continued to add a new number of jobs, leaving hopeful for continued future growth. National unemployment rate in December 2012 was 7.6% 10 8 IT occupation unemployment rate in December 2012 was 3.8% 42% 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 • in 2012, the computer and mathematical occupation category added 308,000 new jobs. IT managers believe there is a skills gap CompTIA View additional CompTIA business research at CompTIA Research and Market Intelligence provides timely, relevant data and insights for the IT industry. CompTIA has a library of over 100 research reports and whitepapers, with new material published each month. Using rigorous research techniques. CompTIA collects data from tens of thousands of end-users and IT companies on a wide range of issues covering tech trends, channel dynamics and the IT workforce. CompTIA members get this research as part of their member benefits Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics and US. Economic Census

Information Technology Workforce

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The #IT industry #workforce is a complex ecosystem. Contrary to popular belief, IT employees are not limited to to the large technology firms or "24/7 in-front-of-a-computer-screen" workdays. This gro...




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