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Infographic: Mobile In South Africa

Your next decision is your most important yet, but do you know what your (potential) customers are thinking about? What are the game-changers in the constantly changing mobile market? Covering the latest consumer trends, Nielsen's Mobile Insights has the answers to help Mobile Media companies, Mobile Networks and Mobile Handset companies to make the right decisions. Mobile Insights 2000 respondents took this survey across all main metropolitan areas of South Africa. Of those 2000... 52% 48% are women are men IT 29% of users are between the 19% ages of 25-34 of users are between the ages of 18-24 The rest of the age-groups that were in comparison are 35-44, 45-54, 55-64 and 64+. Coming a close second to the leading age-group (25-34) are the 35-44 year olds 55% 12% 6% 27% Black Coloured Indian White Why are subscribers subscribing to your network? 32% Price 21% Network quality 10% Customer service 8% Reputation 5% Promotion With Cell C, MTN and Vodacom, the majority of subscribers consider price to be the most important driver, whereas with Virgin Mobile, the reason for subscriptions is mainly customer service. Do you know where subscribers buy airtime? 64% Spaza store 57% Supermarket / Grocer 24% Garage forecourt 20% Cafe / Kiosk 19% Department store 16% Other retail store How many subscribers will switch from prepaid to contract packages within the next year? 61% Will not switch 14% Will switch 25% Might switch How many subscribers are planning on switching networks in the coming year? 13% 16% 20% 19% 21% 13% 10% Vodacom 69% Virgin 87% MTN 71% Cell C 61% 12% Total 69% 19% Yes No Maybe 5% of subscribers joined their current network within the last 12 months while 95% have remained with their current network for an average of 4.2 years Why did subscribers leave their previous network? 27% their network due to of subscribers left 14% network due to problems with their handsets of subscribers left their poor network quality Do subscribers recommend their network to others? 81% Yes No Maybe 12% 7% Which handset manufacturers Which handsets are subscribers Which handsets are subscribers are top of mind? currently using? likely to buy next? 0OO 14% 25% 14% 60% 52% 56% NEW 6% 7% 19% 3% 4% 1% 2% 4% 3% Nokia Sony Ericsson Nokia Sony Ericsson Nokia Blackberry Samsung LG Samsung LG Samsung Sony Ericsson O Blackberry Motorola Blackberry 90% 9% х1 x2 of subscribers own of subscribers own one handset and 85% of two handsets VS and 13% of subscribers have subscribers have one SIM card two SIM cards Where did subscribers buy their handsets? 13% 12% 11% 11% 10% 9% Vodacom Pep Edgars MTN Game Jet 60% of subscribers are aware of mobile banking 40% are completely unaware of mobile banking 60% 40% of those aware have 21% banking services actually used mobile 67% Which gaming avenue is being used most on mobile phones? 24% Have not played games OPre-installed games Downloaded games 13% Online game playing 4% 53% of subscribers have viewed an ad through their mobile phone You have 1 New message 84% of ads on mobile phones are viewed via SMS, with a distant second of 9% viewed via MMS Which social media platforms are subscribers using? 85% 00000 facebook ... 61% 24% twitter What media services are subscribers using on their mobile phones? 21% Ringtone downloads 20% Music track downloads 18% Wallpaper / screensavers 16% Picture downloads 8% Streaming online radio 3% Video Mobile TV How many subscribers prefer SMS over voice calling? • Male Female No Preference No Preference 10% 8% 41% Prefer SMSing 44%> Prefer SMSing Prefer 49% Prefer 48% Voicecalls Voicecalls 14 69% of the men and women who prefer to SMS, say it's because it's cheaper than calling. 10% Say it's faster than calling. 5% say their friends prefer when they text them Interesting to know! How many subscribers have accessed the internet in the past month? 29% 25% 2% LSM 8-10 26% 15% LSM 6-7 15% 6% LSM 1-5 Social Media Mobile Internet VOIP programs Nielsen in collaboration with Mobile Marketing Association South Africa MMA SA). Special rates for MMA members Launch offer available for full Mobile Insights report - R140,000 By module: • Mobile Media - R55,000 • Mobile Handset - R55,000 • Mobile Networks - R100,000 August 2011 nielsen • Findings are representative of the South African population • All pricing excludes South African VAT • This Mobile Insights study represents key reported results from Nielsen telecom 2011 • For more information please contact: [email protected] survey on consumer attitude and behaviour • Follow us on twitter - @nielsen_sa Designed by 0000

Infographic: Mobile In South Africa

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The Nielsen Syndicated Study To ensure alignment of this Mobile Insights study, Nielsen weighted up the findings against universe proportions using AMPS. A sample of 2000 respondents, with quotas b...


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