Infographic: Cloud Computing vs. Snow

Cloud OU Computing BEATS Snow Bad weather can cost companies money. Many workers lack the ability to work when away from the office or with transport systems failing. IT Systems in the cloud allow workers to ply their trade anywhere from accessing emails, workflows and documents, through communicating with colleagues to having the ability to rearrange face to face meetings with an online equivalent. 97 -97% of businesses were affected by extreme weather last year. Most of them haven't got an adequate business continuity plan (BCP) in place. The Chartered Management Institute's latest research into the preparedness of organisations for crises - such as IT failure or extreme weather - reveals more than half are putting themselves at considerable risk by failing to have any sort of plan in place to deal with incidents which impact on their day-to-day work. The Snow What's the worst. Problem that can happen? severe snow could cost the UK economy as much as £1,200,000,000 a day Each winter the freezing weather conditions and snow have forced millions of people to stay at home, with road and school closures preventing them from working. 73% of companies during the snow and ice in November suffered staff Snow= shortages and only 39% of those had the ability to work remotely. Travel Chaos Problems of Fuel Supplies Transport Disruption: Closed or dangerous roads Cancelled, Reduced or Revised Services Half of managers see this (Weather) as a significant threat to business, with IT failure, loss of telecommunications and loss of access to the workplace the three crises they worry about the most. 20% 1/5th of workers, 6.4 million people, in the UK unable to get into work this year compared to an all time high of 14% in last years snow. £391,000,000 The amount that small business employers spend per year on absence control and management- more than on any other aspect of employment law. The Centre for Economic and Business Research estimates that 2-3000 small businesses could fail due to the bad weather this winter. Less than half of companies are protected against the cold weather - this doesn't need to cost more money, in fact it can cost less ... The Cloud Solution Cloud Computing What is Software as a Service delivered from the Cloud, utilises the power of the internet to provide your critical IT anytime, anywhere and on demand. With your IT in the Cloud 100% of your employees could access their work systems from home with a 99.9% guaranteed uptime. 76% of mobileworkers feel that the ability to work outside the office, yet remain in constant contact, has been a positive development, even though almost a third are now working longer hours. 1200 1,19 Billion The worldwide mobile worker 1000 0% 919.4 Million population will have grown from 919.4 million in 800 2008 (29% of the worldwide 600 workforce), to 1.19 billion in 0% additional spend on IT Business continuity. The facilities will be the 400 2013 (34.9% of the workforce). 200 same as in the workplace. 2008 2013 Cloud computing represents significant sustainability benefits by increasing capacity utilisation, and reducing servers, real estate, power consumption, costs and the company's carbon footprint. Besides, home workers don't commute. Whilst Global Warming is increasing the rate of precipitation, Cloud Services are reducing CO2 emmisions Cloud computing enables small and medium enterprises to take full advantage of data centre technology, including the latest, most energy- efficient hardware provided in the shortest refresh cycles and leading facility-related infrastructure with advanced power utilisation effectiveness. Having a system in place to allow employees to work remotely, without additional provisioning and cost, is invaluable to any business. Studies have showed that home workers can be more productive than those in the office. Sources: ukpressreleases?type=press&view=true&ref=550 100106/85d2311e-faa5-11de-8fd9-00144f2af8e8/Snow-days-could-cost-690m-a-day-RSA-warns.jsp Article/201012115845096?f=rss hic by

Infographic: Cloud Computing vs. Snow

shared by rmmojado on Dec 23
This infographic comes to us from, and shows how cloud computing could save the UK billions each year, since snow days often shut down business. According to


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