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Infographic – Tech’ & Cooking

Pech and Coking Technology has infiltrated the once very traditional niche of cooking...Here's how and why! The Stats! 59% of 25- to 34-year-olds cook with either their smartphones or tablets handy. 68% of millennial moms said that they also watch videos while cooking. [Source: June 2015] 20% OFF 14% of people have viewed a digital shopping list while in store. 16% have redeemed a voucher or grocery saving offer using their smartphone. 23%of people said they had looked at a recipe while doing their shopping. [Source:] Ways Tech has hanged Coking Behaviours Smartphones, tablets, and laptops have put a world of recipes and knowledge at people's fingertips. Phones can help you find the nearest establishment WW likely to stock quinoa or other fare. Apps allow you to favourite and store lists or previous purchases. 000 There are hundreds of applications that complement forays into the kitchen and the supermarket. You can plan out your weekly dining or inform your healthy eating habits. From Traditional to oModern. Traditional kitchen tools have also seen a re-vamp by tech. Scales, jugs and steamers are all available in digital form for some time now and the energy used in most appliances has been cut significantly. TOASTERS FRIDGES /FREEZERS MICROWAVES Can now defrost food... Frost-free and Auto-defrost Grill, defrost etc and can options...and often incorporate ice makers and reheat items also act as an oven. Aready available. Kettles Powered by Phones: THE WI-FI KETTLE. Not only does the iKettle allow you to boil your kettle from anywhere in your home, but it also asks you if you'd like to pop the kettle on when you get home, and it is thought that many kitchen appliances will soon follow suit. ArP) to remotely turn-on your oven so it's preheated when you get home are already available. What's Ahead... Whinebol A touchscreen cooktop from Whirlpool which uses induction to heat pots but also allows you to swipe the top to access social media sites. A Wi-Fi enabled fridge from Samsung that allows users SAMSUNG to transfer TV programming from other rooms directly to the screen, as well as make and receive phone calls. LG HomeChat which will enable you to contact your appliances and ask them questions when you're out, i.e. "Is there any milk left in the fridge?". Industy Insights People want to make better use of their time. It [technology] helps people make some great food in the kitchen. The smart kitchen is coming..Every large kitchen appliance manufacturer in the world has a plan for the smart kitchen. Ben Harris, Founder and CEO of Drop and Creative Technologist. 000 What l'm focusing on doing is thinking about how can we take technology and combine it with cooking knowledge in a way that makes it easier for people to cook at home...l'm trying to figure out ways that we can think about these things and take advantage of technology without letting technology get in the way. - WR Turnage, Food App Innovator. References Independent.le/business/small-buslness/your-storles/from-the-perfect-bolled-egg-to-designing-tomorrows-kitchens-31579710.html |ND NOEL DEMPSEY Kitchen & Bedroom Design

Infographic – Tech’ & Cooking

shared by david_dempsey on Feb 22
It is about how technology has impacted on cooking and really brought it to the masses.




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