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Incredible Inventions That Debuted At The World Expo

INCREDIBLE INVENTIONS THAT DEBUTED AT THE WORLD EXPO MIНЙ LONDON 1851 + TELEGRAPH Frederick Bakewell, an English physicist, demonstrated a precursor to today's fax machine, the Telegraph. VULCANISED RUBBER Vulcanite rubber was showcased at the World Fair by both Thomas Hancock and Charles Goodyear who both FIRST PUBLIC CONVENIENCES created the process, separately. George Jennings designed the first public conveniences, showcased at Crystal Palace for which he charged one penny. LONDON 1862 + BABBAGE'S ANALYTICAL ENGINE MARITIME ENGINES Described in 1837 as the successor to Maritime steam engines were Babbage's difference engine, it was a showcased by a family run firm of design for a mechanical computer, making it the first general purpose Henry Maudslay. computer. PHILADELPHIA 1876 TYPEWRITER Created by E. Remington and Sons, the typewriter resembled a sewing machine and featured a QWERTY keyboard that THE TELEPHONE produced only capital letters. 1876 was the first public showing of Alexander Bell's telephone. A man spoke into the horn, and fair officials were startled to hear his words come HEINZ KETCHUP out, clear as day, from a speaker at the other end. At the time, Ketchup had already been around for 7 years, but it was first publicised to the nation at the World Fair. CHICAGO 1893 THE FERRIS WHEEL Architect George Ferris's invention debuted at the World's Fair and was an THE TELAUTOGRAPH immediate sensation - the first Ferris The Telautograph created by Elisha wheel had a 264 foot diameter Gray was an analogue precursor to the featuring 36 enclosed cabins. fax machine, which transmits electrical impulses to servomechanisms attached to a pen, reproducing a drawing or signature. ALTERNATING CURRENTS Over two hundred thousand electric light bulbs were illuminated by Tesla's polyphase alternating current system at the world fair. PARIS 1889 FIRST STEAM POWERED TRICYCLE The Serpollet-Peugeot tri-cycle was a steam-driven three-wheeled vehicle, created by engineer Léon Serpollet and powered by his newly-patented instant steam generafor. wtons PARIS 1900 DIESEL ENGINE Rudolf Diesel worked to develop an engine that would use compressed air to ignite fuel and generate energy. FIRST TALKING Although it had originally been designed to use mineral oils, it was FILM: 'CYRANO DE running on peanut oil. BERGERAC' Cyrano de Bergerac is a 1900 short film by Clément Maurice. The film, shot in TELEGRAPHONE colour and synchronized to a wax The first practical form of "magnetic" cylinder recording, is thought to be the first made with both colour and sound. recording came in the form of sound recording on steel wire and was created by Danish inventor Valdemar Poulsen who developed and patented the Telegraphone. BUFFALO 1901 X-RAY MACHINE INSTANT COFFEE Created by Wilhelm Röntgen, the x-ray machine was first shown to the public at A Japanese man named Dr. Sartori Kato, a chemist in Chicago, developed the first successful method of creating a the World's Fair. Ironically, the machine was not used when William McKinley stable soluble coffee powder, or instant was shot at the World Fair, due to coffee. Just add water! possible side effects; McKinley died from his wounds. SAINT LOUIS 1904 JUNK FOOD The Ice Cream cone is thought to have ELECTRICAL OUTLET been invented for the World Fair. Ham Electricity had been used for various Burgers, Hot Dogs, Peanut Butter, reasons but it wasn't until the plug and Cotton Candy and Ice Tea where all socket that it became vaible. That year, popularized and given national Harvey Hubbell patented his plug and exposure. socket and kicked off a tidal wave of electrification. NEW YORK 1939 whonr hamen COMMERCIAL BROADCAST TELEVISION SPEECH SYNTHESIS Television viewing had been a hobbyist The first artificial speech synthesizer, the activity in the 1920s, but the Fair was Voder was created by Homer Dudley the big debut as NBC captured the and operated by a combination of keys and foot pedals. It imitated speech by opening speech by Franklin D. Roosevelt. replicating the vocal tract. NEW YORK 1964 VIDEO CONFERENCING COLOUR TV RCA brought TV technology to a mass One of the most advanced technologies audience; they topped that experience was Bell Labs Picturephone, a primitive by debuting colour television in an video conferencing service that interactive studio. Fairgoers who visited saw themselves in living colour on TV transmitted grainy, low-resolution video images over multiple standard phone screens. lines. OSAKA 1970 IMAX The Canadian IMAX corporation debuted the first IMAX 70mm feature film at the World's Expo, a film called "Tiger Child." The massive screen was a huge hit with attendees. KNOXVILLE 1982 Пл TOUCHSCREENS Created by Dr. Sam Hurst, touchscreens were finally presented to the public at the 1982 World's Expo. 33 TV sets covered with Elographics transparent panels showed off a variety of functions. TSUKUBA 1985 WASUBOT ROBOT PORTRAIT-DRAWING ROBOT A mechanical man, It was seated at an electrical organ with three keyboards Created by a research group at and a set of foot pedals, and performed Panasonic, Matsushita is robot that draws every ten minutes. portraits of live subjects. At the exhibit two such robots worked side-by-side, drawing two subjects in great detail. VANCOUVER 1986 I*I MONORAIL SKYTRAIN Due to the Expo's theme of 'Transportation and Communication', it Bill Bennett inaugurated a fully automated elevated rapid transit system. was the first to have its own raised The first line was built intending to monorail system. What made it so partially serve the Expo, later leading unique was the timeframe the event to an extensive transportation network lasted - just 6 months. across Canada. Amde HANNOVER 2000 HAND-PORTABLE CLEAN ENERGY CAR LASER BMW's exhibit focused on their efforts Created by the Institute of Electronic to create clean-energy operated unEnergran Structure and Laser, Laserart is a vehicles, showcasing the BMW 750hL clean energy car at the World Expo. hand-portable laser for cleaning building façades and historical monuments. AICHI 2005 MAGLEV Maglev uses magnetic levitation to move without touching the ground. Japan began operation of its relatively low-speed HSST "Linimo" line in time for NEXT GENERATION the 2005 Expo. VEHICLES: IMTS Next generation driverless vehicles that |-UNIT TOYOTA will move in convoy formation on a GROUP special road in the Nagakute area went on display. A further evolution of the Toyota Personal Mobility (PM-01) concept called the "l-unit" went on show at the World Expo. SHANGHAI 2010 TOYOTA PARTNER ROBOT: WIND COWL PLAYING VIOLIN Wind cowls on the roof of the World Expo let cool air enter the building and a biomass machine fuelled the kitchen Toyota's violin-playing robot made its second major appearance. Rather than playing the same the robot was cooker with biogas from food waste. reprogrammed to skilfully play a song that is distinctly Chinese. YEOSU 2012 : HYBRID BIMODAL WIRELESS TRAMS TRAMS The Expo's electric buses created by OLEV can be charged wirelessly while Created by Korea Railroad Research in transit via units installed on the road. Institute, the trams can operate on tracks as well as regular roads. They run on a The buses reach a maximum speed of 120 km/h. hybrid of battery power and compressed natural gas engine. MILAN 2015 II GEN2 ELEVATORS SOLAR TREES The efficient, energy-saving elevator was Created by architect Lennart Wiechell, designed specifically for China's social solar trees are nets made of very thin housing projects and incorporates steel ropes. The net forms hexagonal technology from Otis's' machine-room-less shapes and the printed panels are Gen2 elevators. fixed. DUBAI 2020 E Fly to Dubaj 2.

Incredible Inventions That Debuted At The World Expo

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The Great Exhibition of 1851 saw a mass of industrial events across the world, increasing in size and shape and manner over the years. The World Expo’s have become a building block of industrial exc...


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