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The Impact of Website Speed on Business

Speed is the defining factor in success or failure. On the Web 1 second is a long time. Marketers and Web Performance experts have known this for years and they are raising the ALARM! The Impact of Website Speed on Business Results – Why Every Second Counts JUST • Success • Winning • Failure • Losing 1 Conversion Abandonment • More page views User satisfaction Fewer page views User frustration SECOND SEPARATES Go gle YAHOO! 500 millisecond 100 millisecond 400 millisecond delay caused delay caused delay caused a 5-9% decrease in traffic. 20% traffic decrease. 1% drop in revenue. A Delay of 1 Second in Page Load Time equals: 7% Loss in Conversions 11% Fewer Pages Viewed 16% Decrease in Customer Satisfaction Everyone Wants Speed There are 954 million mobile 3G subscribers in the world. U.S. National Broadband Penetration Average is 89%. Winners and Losers Separated by Milliseconds Consumers expect Nobody likes websites that load in 8 seconds a website to be loaded or longer in 2 seconds or less 6 Seconds The Average Website Loading Time 0.2 Seconds How long is a second? finds over 1Billion reference to the word "Speed'" Sunlight travels 186,282 miles in 1 second 0.761 Seconds Page Load Time 0.4 Seconds The Blink of a Human Eye Marketers Want Speed Speeding up their website by 5 seconds increased the conversion rate by 7-12%, doubled the number of visitors from search engine marketing and cut the number of servers required in half. 17-12% Conversions 00:05 = SEOX2 Search Engine Visits Seconds Faster +2 Servers The Average Bounce Rate is 40% website Factors that affect bounce rate from search engines: Content Navigation Site Speed Meta Information Relevancy And finally, Google now considers site speed in its ranking algorithm. Search Engine Optimization professionals want: Faster Websites! Web Performance Optimization (WPO) Expert Sources: Steve Souders Stoyan Stefanov Patrick Meenan: Sergey Chernyshev The Performance Experts @ Yottaa yottaa ©Yottaa, Inc. References: Greg Linden's Blog, Steve Souder's Blog, Stoyan Stefanov's Blog, Seriti Consulting,,,,,,,, 000 00 000 .. ㅇㅇ

The Impact of Website Speed on Business

shared by youcom on Dec 28
This infographic provides more information about website speed. In this quick world with fast results, people will leave a page quickly if it doesn't load in a fast time, therefore the bounce rate on ...




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