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The Impact of Electrical Engineering on 21st Century Innovation

The ELECTRICAL Impact ENGINEERING of ON 21ST CENTURY INNOVATION The First Telegraph COMMUNICATIONS 1830s The first time electric currents were used to communicate a transmitted message was with the telegraph, first seen in the 1830s 1876 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING PRECURSORS Saw the first voice and distant speech transmission that would lay the way for telephones, forever changing the way the world could communicate 40% 1895 of Americans The earliest wireless age 12 and older own at least one of the three devices communications happened as early as 1895. Guglielmo Marconi is often credited with the origin of radio communications and awarded a patent for the development of a wireless telegraphy system in 1897 IPHONE, 2001 N IPAD & 2007 "devices IPOD 2010 The 21st century saw rapid development with mobile All three devices would not be possible without the forerunning communications and wireless network progress that allowed for mobile connectivity Marcons 1896 Receiver. 20.% US population currently owns an iPhone; by 2017 that number 42% will reach The dramatic growth of the Internet, mobile devices, and multimedia access has challenged wireless technology to be innovative WIRELESS SYSTEMS KATIONS Early mobile telephone systems used Base Stations with large power amplifiers and tall towers to cover large geographic areas Before the turn of the century, base stations shifted to comprising of a Base Station Transceiver that would receive the mobile station connection and a Base Station Controller that handled the traffic of the transceivers MNOLUTIO This setup formed the basis for 3G and LTE evolution: Base station become radio network controllers ZBILLION 3G ESTIMATE Of FUTURE |SUBSCRIBERS 3G SUBSCRIBERS 80% WORLDWIDE on 3GPP networks 4G (4th Generation) The most recent technology capable of delivering rich broadband services and 4G applications has been developed in an effort to keep up what's The 3 minutes to download on 36 Difference? 3G PHONE versus 25mb 4G file Only 25 seconds to download on 46 VolP was invented in 1994 but it wasn't until 2006 that an explosion in VolP app and equipment markets occurred, leading to a revenue of around $3 billion The number of VOIP 2015 Estimate 262 MILLION subscribers 2011 29 MILLION 2010 9 MILLION ESTIMATED VolP REVÉNUE L006 $36illion 2015 $76.161|lion 135B ON 14 BILLION ESTIMATED VolP MINUTES CONSUMED GLOBAĻLY POWER & ENERGY SYSTEMS 1799 The first electrical battery was created in Italy by Alessandro Volta 1911 Superconductivity was discovered, making many electrical technologies possible The first fiber optics were developed and quickly chosen as the communication and hetworking transmission medium of choice ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING PRECURSORS 1970 The cables travel long distances and carry signal rates at over 10OGB per second By 2011, there were more than 1,6 billion kılometers of optical fiber installed worldwide FIBER OPTICS Though they have a longer history, fiber optic technology is continuing to improve Fiber optics are increasingly vital to our global communications infrastructure, laying the framework for internet, telecommunications, and wireless communications Electric cars aren't new to the 21st century but newer technology and design has allowed for them to become a much improved reality. seeing the creation of more popular hybrid cars, such as the Toyota Prius, or all-electric cars The Tesla Model S is an all-electric 4-door sedan that can travel 265 miles on 1 charge (the equivalent of 89 MPG) and boasts an 88% efficiency rating compared to 20-25% for traditional gas-powered cars DRIVERLESS CARS Driverless cars are estimated to improve fuel efficiency by up their mapping technology in 2010 to 30%, reduce parking and have since driven more than Gougle Google driverless cars utilized sefaungar Lots in cities, reduce time spent driving, 700,000 km and generally improve the odds of caàr accidents, which kill an èstimated 1.24 million people a year worldwide was coined by that includes a combination of Tetsuro Mori mechamical engmeering, electrical Computer engmeering to generate in 1969 engineerng, control enginpering and a simpler, more economical and reliable system MECHATRONICS The term Mechatronics is a design process AEROSPACE Control Systems PROCESSING AUTOMOTIVE nigit Can Syse Cantra Ecracs ComputersX MECHATROMCS Ecronic Sysems Mecharica Electro echara Mechanical CONSUM DEFENS MER PRODUCTS ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Control systems includes building and integrating of subsystems that make other engineering feats possible 3D PRINTERS 3D printers have been used for the creation of skull implants, teeth, airway splints. breathable casts for broken bones, and even chemicals 3D printers require extremely precise control to create their printed works, especially in bioprinting working with live human cells PROSTHESIS Engineering has enabled the development of prosthetic limbs with much better control and fine-tuned Traditional limb prostheses are clumky and limit normal human function grip to be able to do every day things people take for granted, like pick up items without breaking them or shaking a hand Recently engineers and researchers were able to create mind-controlled cybernetic limbs - allowing the user to think "walk" and the robotic legs begin walking on command REFERENCES Tele com/downloads/Search Telecom_Fundamentals_of_LTE Chapter_1.pdf CREDITS: Power Lines:; First Telegraph: Morse-Vall 1845 Telegraph: Smithsonlan Institute, Washington D.C. Bell's Patent Papers: Natlonal Archives; Marconl Radlo Recelver. IPhone: Luls Prado from The Noun Project; Ple de Volta: Base Statlon dlagram: Tesla Model-S: Google Drlverless Car:; Lotus Cut-away Car: Mechatronics workaround: 3D Printer:; Blonic Ear: Kidney replica: Prosthetic Leg: Arm-Muscle: Cybernetic Hand: Mind-Controlled Robotic Arm:| NJIT New Jersey Institute of Technology BASE S ON (LTE TERM VOIP) ELECTRIC CARS REROGRAPHY MEDICAL SNI E ANUFACTURINNG

The Impact of Electrical Engineering on 21st Century Innovation

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Electrical engineering is a science that has played a major role the lives we live in the 21st century. In today’s technology driven world, electrical engineering is the cornerstone and driver of in...


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