Illuminating the Origins and History of Nashville's Electricity

Illuminating the ORIGINS and HISTORY NASHVILLE'S electricity THEN William Gilbert publishes De Magnete explaining his research on electricity and magnetism. 1600 Otto von Guericke invents a machine that produces static electricity. In effect, the first electric generator. Charles Francois du Fay ++- discovers positive and negative forms of electricity. 1733 Scientists in Holland and Germany simultaneously invent the Leyden jar, a 1745 device that could hold electricity. Henry Cavendish publishes studies of conductivity and how different materials transmit electricity. Benjamin Franklin attracts electric charges during a lightning storm using a kite and a key. 1752 Luigi Galvani illustrates nerve impulseś when he touches a frog with a spark 1771 from an electrostatic machine and the frog's muscles twitch. Allesandro Volta produces a primitive version of the first battery ever. 1600 Humphry Davy attaches a piece of carbon to two battery wires, and it glows. 1601 Joseph Henry harnesses electromagnetism in machine form, paving the way for the telegraph 1631 machine. Samuel Morse patents 1O47 telegraph, building on the innovation of his predecessors. Thomas Edison's light bulb burns for forty hours straight! 1679 Heinrich Hertz discovers that electricity travels in waves, paving the way for wireless telegraphs and the radio. 1665 Nikola Tesla invents an alternating current induction motor, which enables the universal distribution of 1667 electricity that we enjoy today! now Electricitu Usage in the VOLUNTEER STATE Tennessee residents A typical Nashville resident uses used 7,109 kWh of electricity in their 1,300KWH 52% homes in 2010. That's per month in the home. of homes in Tennessee higher than national household electricity heat with electricity. usage. HOW much electricity do these common household items use? 100 watts = 1 cent per hour hair dryer refrigerator | computer and monitor lightbulb 200 100 600 600 1000 1200 INFOGRAPHIC PROVIDEN BY MISTER SPARKY OF NASHVILLE wwwelectricnashville com SOURCES Popular+Mechanics+1931+curtiss#v=onepage&q&f=true

Illuminating the Origins and History of Nashville's Electricity

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Batteries not included! Well, they weren’t included until 1800, when Allesandro Volta created a rough version of the first battery. See how this creation played a role in electricity history in this...


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