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IDC Next Level of Mobile Web

REACHING THE NEXT LEVEL The growing momentum of HTML5 with mobile developers, the rapid growth of the footprint of HTML5-enabled mobile browsers, and the strong cross-industry support exemplified by Coremob and Ringmark have helped HTML5 reach escape velocity. HTML5 will play an increasingly important role in mobile developers' efforts to reach ubiquity and in tapping a huge body of Web HTML developers wanting to go mobile. 1 Billion O 2 Million HTML5 Mobile Web Browsers in 2013 HTML Web Developers in 2013? HTML fil Developers Coremob ringmark The goal of the Core Mobile Web Platform Community Group (Coremob) is to accelerate the adoption of the Mobile Web as a compelling platform for the development of modern mobile web applications. Coremob defines features sets for each mobile browser Developers can now directly influence the direction that the Mobile Web is taking and the Ringmark is a web-based test suite that measures how well a mobile browser supports the capabilities that modern mobile web apps require. Ringmark tests are based on Facebook's best understanding of latest mobile browser feature Levels. As Coremob's recommendations W3C capabilities of browsers. By coding with HTML5, developers can work more efficiently, hand projects off more easily and reach a broader range of platforms including the rapidly growing mobile segment. solidify, these will be reflected in Ringmark testing suite. Level. Coremob includes: With HTML5 Developer X is faster and more responsive, with only 1 team and 1 code base. WЗс EA FACEBOOK GOOGLE Ringmark Testing Power Ringmark tests whether a feature is good and functioning as opposed to merely existing. AT&T VERIZON %3D MICROSOFT VODAFONE MOZILLA TELEFONICA Without HTML5 Developer Y maintains +3 teams and +3 code bases, a less efficient and more time consuming process. OPERA SAMSUNG NETFLIX CHINA UNICOM HTC ringmark 470 ZTE 100 ACID ZYNGA SONY %3D and many more international companies. 100 200 300 400 500 # of Mobile Browser tests running 79% 80% Test your own mobile browser at of mobile app developers plan to implement HTML5 in the near future of all mobile apps will use HTML5 by 20154 RNG.IO Dig Deep r.0 Browsers Passing Ring 0 Tests Can Run Level 0 Apps ringmark 97 TESTS What can the mobile web browsers with greatest market share already accomplish today? Level 0 is designed to be the baseline for understanding current mobile web browser functionality. The scope is a common feature set determined by what is currently possible in modern mobile browsers. WHAT'S IN RING 0? Application Cache Canvas CsS 2.1 css 3D Transforms GAMES ENTERTAINMENT SOCIAL & PHOTOS REFERENCE & UTILITY css3 Animation css3 Background css3 Color csS3 Color, Standard csS Min. Max css3 Text css3 2D Transfoms css3 Transitions css3 UI css3 Values Data URL Doctype Geolocation BEST FOR JSON Audio and Video apps in Ring 0 do not require DRM or adaptive streaming, such Any app that doesn't need rich client side functionality like a database or multi-touch. 2D Games in Ring 0 can be Word, board, and poker-type Apps that have rich photo galleries and social functionality, but don't need access to the camera. Masking Images games that do not require accelerated graphics. Particularly, games capped at 10 animating sprites at Web Messaging Progress Event Prompts Selectors 2 Video as internet radio stations and user-generated video content. 30 FPS. Viewport SAMPLE APPS FEASIBLE IN LEVEL O BROWSERS Web Storage You amazon Tube FT Wp Flixster Dig Deeper H r.1 Browsers Passing Ring 1 Tests Can Run Level 1 Apps ringmark 165 TESTS What should a mobile web browser be capable of in order to match the same features of a native application? Level 1 is focused on enabling as many of the most popular apps as possible while still maintaining a small feature scope. The scope is determined by surveying most popular apps that are being built on mobile devices today. WHAT'S IN RING 1? Audio, Multi-Track BlobBuilder csS3 Animation, Standard csS3 Background, Standard GAMES ENTERTAINMENT SOCIAL & PHOTOS REFERENCE & UTILITY csS3 Fonts csS3 MediaQueries css Overflow Scrolling cSS Position Fixed csS3 2D Transforms, Standard CsS3 Transitions, Standard CsS3 UI, Standard Device Orientation Event FileReader FormData HTML5 Forms, Inputs PERCENTAGE OF APPS THAT PASS LEVEL 1 AND CAN FUNCTION FULLY ON MOBILE BROWSERS. Hashchange History 90% 95% 56%* 94% Media Capture Input IndexedDB "If push notifications are extended to web appe, 100% Is feasible IndexedDB, Standard Multi Touch Event BEST FOR Network Info Any app that doesn't need Audio and Video apps in Ring 1 can support DRM. For instance, user-selected music playlists and downloads, premium video content and TV. Offline Mode 2D Games that have more complicated graphics. Particularly, games can have more than 10 animating sprites and advanced physics engines. Social and camera apps that require access to taking photos via the camera. access to a video or audio Touch Event feed (like a QR code reader). Video Tracks Web Workers XHR2 SAMPLE APPS FEASIBLE IN LEVEL 1 BROWSERS amazon Spotify You Tube FT wp Tap Kevenge Flixster Deepest Well of Support: Coremob Coremob brings the voice of mobile developers to the HTML5 feature-set selection process. The Goal of the Mobile Web Community Group (Coremob) is to help developers speak their voice, guide and focus the evolution of the mobile web. LEEF 6CN 9G Media Feedly MIM Technologies Limited Software & Support Media Adobe Systems Inc. France Telecom Mobilesoft Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB Spyvee, LLC Afilias Limited Fraunhofer Gesellschaft appMobl, Inc. ARC, Inc. Mobotap Inc. Modo Labs, Inc. MOL Global ST-Ericsson Gamaroff Digital TCL Communication Technology Google, Inc. GrandCentrix GmbH AT&T Mozilla Foundation Telecom Italia SpA atoll project Netbiscuits Hewlett Packard Company HTC Corp. Netflix Inc. Nokia Corporation Telefónica de España, SAU Telenor Tennessee Board of Regents Bazaarvoice Blaast Broadcom Buongiorno SpA Texas Instruments The October Group, Ltd. Trilibis Mobile Huawei Opera Software Pixolüt Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc. INNOVIMAX Intel Corporation Joint Info. Systems Comm. of the UK China Unicom Cloud Four Rakuten, Inc. Verizon Company 100, Inc. Higher Ed. Funding Council Red Hat VEVO Datamob Informática Joshfire Rochester Institute of Technology Vodafone dynaTrace software Inc. Electronic Arts jQuery Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Sencha W3C KDDI CORPORATION WebMobi Uplus Media Tek Inc Electronics and Telecommunications SK Telecom YouMeb ZTE Corporation Research Institute (ETRI) Facebook Smart Communications, Inc. Microsoft Corp. SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp. Zynga Inc. SOURCES 12,3,4 Data Points Courtesy of IDC, May 2012. Ringmark Data Points for Level 0 and Level 1 are IDC/Facebook Estimates.

IDC Next Level of Mobile Web

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Reaching the Next Level: The growing momentum of HTML5 with mobile developers, the rapid growth of the footprint of HTML5-enabled mobile browsers, and the strong cross-industry support exemplified by...






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