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IDC Indian IT Market report

INDIA the fastest growing BRIC(K) market India's domestic IT market is forecast to expand at a compounded annual growth rate of 16.1% in the next four years to reach US$72.5 billion in 2017. This growth is being driven by several factors including Indian consumers' appetite for technology products and services, enterprise IT spending growth as well as governmental initiatives towards e-governance, Smart Cities and education sector digitization programmes. INDIA GROWTH STORY --------------- IT SPENDING GROWTH IN CAGR BY 2017 8.1% 5.5% 16.1% 8.6% 0.8% BRAZIL RUSSIA INDIA CHINA KOREA GROWTH OF OVERALL IT MARKET BY CATEGORY 2013 GROWTH OF IT MARKET 2017 CAGR BY SEGMENTS IT HARDWARE IT SOFTWARE IT SERVICES 17% 13% 14% Us$ 26,734.7 M Us$ 50,509.5 M US$ 4502.6 M Us$ 7,364.7 M US$ 8,605.6 M US$14,624.6 M SMART CONNECTED DEVICES SHIPMENT BRIC(K) 2017 .21% SMART CONNECTED DEVICES MARKET BY 2017, INDIA'S SI E OF THE OVERALL s SHAKREASE ..... 2013 SCD MARKET BRIC(K) SMART CONNECTED DEVICES MARKET 9% 21% COUNTRY WISE BREAKUP : SMART CONNECTED DEVICES CY 2013 SHIPMENT IN MILLIONS CY 2017 SHIPMENT IN MILLIONS BRAZIL RUSSIA INDIA CHINA CY 2013 388.5 eY 2017 581.8 KOREA CY 2013 49.1 CY 2017 93.8 CY 2013 35.7 CY 2017 51.9 CY 2013 47.75 CY 2017 197.4 CY 2013 31.2 CY 2017 33.8 THE SMARTPHONE CATEGORY WILL DRIVE THE GROWTH STORY FOR SCD IN INDIA 2013 61% 29.15 M 2017 61% 171M 2017 2013 29.1 MILLION 171 MILLION TOP 62ONTRIBUTION STATES IT INVESTMENT TOP 6 STATES CONTRIBUTE MORE THAN 60% OF THE OVERALL IT SPENDING IN INDIA 14 TAMIL NADU 10 KARNATAKA DELHI UTTAR PRADESH7 | 20 TOTAL / 18 63 ENTERPRISE IT SPENDING 50/ OF THE OVERALL IT CONTRIBUTE O5%SPENDING IN CY 2012. INDIAN ENTERPRISE OTHER VERTICALS I RETAIL & 1 EDUCATIONHIWHOLESALEI BFSI RATIO OF IT SPENDINGI RATIO OF IT SPENDING RATIO OF IT SPENDING: RATIO OF IT SPENDING 23% 5% 4% IT SPENDING 2012 uss 5383.30 MIj uss 1718.81 M IT SPENDING 2012 uss 985.36 M IT SPENDING 2012 IT SPENDING 2012 uss 1267.06M GROWTH RATE GROWTH RATE GROWTH RATE GROWTH RATE 11.0% 2.1% 11.8% 11.7% IT & ITES UTILITIES HEALTHCARE TELECOM RATIO OF IT SPENDING RATIO OF IT SPENDING RATIO OF IT SPENDING RATIO OF IT SPENDING 12% 3% 2% 13% IT SPENDING 2012 IT SPENDING 2012 I IT SPENDING 2012 luss 2716.12 M 700.69 Mi 575.11 M IT SPENDING 2012 uss 2898.74 M: GROWTH RATE GROWTH RATE I GROWTH RATE GROWTH RATE 10.0% 16.2%};15.4%; 10.4% MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT GOVERNMENT! GRAND TOTAL MANUFACTURING | RATIO OF IT SPENDING RATIO OF IT SPENDING I RATIO OF IT SPENDING 2% 19% | US$ |23186.38 MI IT SPENDING 2012 I uss 495.11M I IT SPENDING 2012 uss 2138.30MI IT SPENDING 2012 uss 4307.78 M 10.3% GROWTH RATE GROWTH RATE GROWTH RATE 6.0% 10.2% 11.7% CLOUD SERVICES ROADMAP CLOUD SERVICES MARKET IN INDIA (IN USD MILLION) us4672.3 M uss 2458.3 M CAGR uss 2214 M CAGR 38.8% 50.2% CAGR 43.7% Uss 661.8 M Uss 435 M uss 1096.8 M PUBLIC CLOUD MARKET PRIVATE CLOUD MARKET TOTAL CLOUD MARKET CLOUD SERVICES MARKET TO REACH CLOSE TO USD 5 BILLION BY 2016 ENTERPRISE ROADMAP MOBILITY CAGR 63% MARKET SIZE IN 2017 MARKET SIZE IN 2012 USD 1871 M USD 394.35 M 37% OF COMPANIES RATE ENTERPRISE MOBILITY AS "HIGH PRIORITY" QUICK FACTS DOMESTIÇ IT INVESTMENTS show resilience in tough economic conditions Relaxation of FDI regimes in select industries are expected to drive inbound investments. Mid market segment is expected to 17.2% grow at a significant rate of 41% of Enterprise IT spending in 2012 was by SMES. This is expected to grow to 43% by 2016. CENTRAL GOVERNMENT PROGRAMMES: US$ 4.92 Billion planned investment for NEGP (National e-Governance Program) MAJOR SPENDING 19 SDC (State Datacenter) are operational till date. 28 States have implemented SWAN (State Wide Area Network) 126, 574 CSC's US$ 36 Billion budget planned for UID (Unique Identification Program) US$ 370 Million budget planned for Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS) STATE GOVERNMENT PROGRAMMES: 2-5% of the Overall State Budget is mandated to spend on IT US$ 529 Million spending on Notebook PC by UP State Government for free distribution among students US$ 20 Billion budgeted till 2017 by Tamil Nadu State Government for distribution of 6.8 million laptops to students in government and government-aided higher secondary schools and colleges. SOURCE: India Quarterly City Level Storage Tracker India Quarterly City Level Server Tracker India Quarterly State Level PC Tracker India State Level Copier Tracker India Monthly City Level Printer Tracker India Monthly Printer ASV Tracker India IT Overview Report 2013-14 IDC Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker IDC Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker IDC Worldwide Quarterly Tablet Tracker IDC Worldwide Black Book v Q1, 2013 IDC Analyze the Future This IDC Infographic was produced by IDC India Marketing Department. The opinion, analysis and research result presented herein are drawn from more detailed research and analysis independently conducted by IDC India. Any IDC information or reference to IDC that is to be used in advertising, press releases, or promotional materials requires prior written approval from IDC. For more information, visit: or email:

IDC Indian IT Market report

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This infographic is made to show Indian Market growth vie segment wise, country vie breakup, top 6 states investment contribution, Enterprise Spending, cloud servicing growth and its mobile marking. T...


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