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Humans Are Now A Minority On The Internet

Bot Traffic Report 2013 Bot visits are up by 21% to 61.5% of all website traffic Bot/Human Traffic Distribution 155% Search engines + Other good bots 61.5% 5% Scrapers Non HumanTraffic 121% 4.5% 10M 38.5% Hacking Tools Human traffic 0.5% 75% Spammers 20.5% nE 18% Other Impersonators 2012 49% Human 51% Bots 2013 38.5% Human 61.5% Bots Malicious Bots by Type Scrapers K Hacking Tools The Damage The Damage • Content theft and duplication. • Data (e.g. credit card) theft. • Theft of email addresses for spam purposes. • Malware injection and distribution. • Reverse engineering of pricing and business models. • Website/Server hijacking. • Website defacement and content deletion. The Target The Target Anyone. Most commonly travel industry websites, classifieds, news sites, e-stores and forums. Anyone. Most commonly CMS based websites (WP, Joomla, Vbulletin, Magento, etc.) s Spammers #%$! E Impersonators The Damage The Damage • Posting of irrelevant content that annoys legitimate visitors. • Marketing intelligence gathering.. • Posting of malware/phishing links that can harm your visitors. • Layer 7 DDoS attacks, which result in service degradation and website downtime. • Turning the site into a "link farm", causing Search Engine blacklisting. • Bandwidth consumption and service degradation (Parasitic drag). The Target The Target Blogs, forums and all other websites that allow comment posting. Anyone. Brought to you by BBC NEWS TIME Tech abc As seen on: Forbes TechCrunch Incapsula NEWS

Humans Are Now A Minority On The Internet

shared by Incapsula on Dec 16
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After examining 1.45 Billion visits to 20,000 sites across Incapsula's network we found that humans make up less than 40% percent of all activity. Still, even though the bots are more active than ever...



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