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Humanity & Technology Contrast

HUMANITY & TECHNOLOGY A COMPUTER ON EVERY 1 DESK IN EVERY HOME. - Bill Gates ТОTAL We are dealing with data at an exponential rate. We are overwhelmed with information, and our capacity grows everyday. Already computer and mobile devices outnumber us - more phones are sold every day than babies born. Eric Schmidt believes that by 2020, the whole world will be connected to itself. We are slowly but surely heading towards a world envisioned only in science fictions. POPULATION 7.14bn Wherein we examine the boundaries of information we break every day, continuously reaching newer heights . GLOBAL BANDWIDTH PER SECOND DATA TRANSFERED PER MONTH 11 CONVERSION TABLE 100 TERABYTES (250,000 Blu-rays per second) 200 EXABYTES (250,000,000,000 Blu-ray movies) 1024 MEGA 1024 GIGA 1024 TERA 1024 PETA 1024 EXA 1024 ZETTA 1 GIGABYTE TERABYTE 1 PETABYTE 1 EXABYTE 1 ZETTABYTE 1 YOTTABYTE ТОTAL The global bandwidth is said to exceed 1000 Tbps by 2020 and data transfered will reach zeta scale much sooner than that. COMPUTERS 1.2bn . LIBRARY OF CONGRESS TEXT, AUDIO, VIDEO DIGITAL DATA STORED GLOBALLY 250,000 songs 250 Blu-ray movies 1 TERABYTE SCALE MODEL WITH MASS 20 PETABYTES (20,480TB) 2.7 ΖETΤΑΒΥΤES (2,899,102,920 TB) AN ELEPHANT 14 MEGAGRAMS BOTTLE OF WATER Digital data stored increased by almost 50% in a few years. We can only imagine the amount of data in the world by the year 2020. 1 KILOGRAM TOTAL HUMAN SPEECH IN DATA FORM (2003) TOTAL DATA STORABLE IN HUMANS CELL PHONES 6.287bn THE RMS TITANIC 100 GIGAGRAMS EARTH'S OCEAN 14 YOTTAGRAMS SOURCES 42 ZETTABYTES (45,097,156,608 TB) 170 YOTTABYTES (186,916,977,000,000 TB) arstechnica, May 1st 2012, April 25th, 2012, Nov 5, 2003, Dec 1, 2011 The approximate cost of a Yottabyte right now is $100 Trillion (100 zeta dollars) and would require data centers the size of Delaware to house the information in.

Humanity & Technology Contrast

shared by shahriaremil on Jan 23
A class project involving icons used in cultures. I chose tech culture among ourselves and decided to do a contrast of what kind of data we deal with on a daily basis that we don't even know of.


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