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HTML5: Why Developers Need It!

HTML5: Why Developers Need It HTML has long been standing in the shadows of, pardon the pun, "flashier" web dev frameworks--but that's all changing now. While Flash and IE hold the biggest market shares, critical mobile brands like Apple and Android are siding with HTML5. See why, in order to stay current in desktop and mobile browsers and apps, developers need HTML5. SUPPORT Browsers ( HTML5 is being built into browsers About 74% of the browser market currently provides HTML5 support Chrome 17 Firefox 10 Safari 5.1 ( IE9 IE8 94% ready 88% ready 75% ready 56% ready 0% ready Mobile Browsers - By 2013: 1B+ HTML5 mobile browsers Most HTML5-ready browsers, scored by W3C: -By 2015: 80% of mobile apps may be HTML5-based (partially or fully) Chrome 369 500 Opera Mobile 12 500 367 - By 2016: Firefox 14 311 500 2.1B HTML5 mobile browsers Stock Android browser 281 500 Maxthon Android Web 280 500 Did you know: Browser 2.6 Currently, the average mobile browser runs 889x slower than desktop browsers Safari (iOS) 324 500 Platforms/Devices HTML5 is potentially available on all platforms and supporting devices--it just depends on the user's browser: By 2012: no further mobile browser Flash support for Android 4.1/Jelly Bean, either OS X (Macbook) iOS Android (iPhone, iPad) (phones and tablets) By 2013: 1B+ HTML5 compatible phones sold per year-compared to 336 million in 2011 0000000000 Blackberry smartphones Windows phone and tablets Windows OS T-100.000.000 COMPETITION HTML5 vs Flash, Silverlight, etc. HTML 5 is: cheaper (in fact, it's free) faster for dev (1 team, 1 code base) C more adaptable, since it's non-native functional on iOS mobile devices being built into browsers </> open source USAGE AND GROWTH Over 48% of web devs currently use HTML5 About 80% of mobile app devs expect to start using HTML5 soon That will amount to some 2 million HTML5 devs by 2013 200,000 May 2011 March 2012 800 million potential users 1B+ potential users - 100,000.000 BOTTOM LINE Like any language, HTML5 has limitations... but with its ability to control these basic interactive features: Charting 3D vectoring Image transforms( Video Audio It may become the standard and jQuery is the leading HTML5 framework. THE FUTURE W3C and WHATWG have split into two schools WHATWG is addressing HTML as a living standard that changes and grows over time, apart from numerical snapshots (HTML4, HTML5, etc.) W3C is maintaining work on HTML5 specification In a rapidly changing landscape, HTML will remain a critical element for developers--no matter which side they're on. SOURCES http://www.,2817,2406667,00.asp 3-57339156-93/htmi5-enabled-phones-to-hit-1-billion-in-sales-in-2013/,2817,2406667,00.asp INFRAGISTICS

HTML5: Why Developers Need It!

shared by sparkplugdigital on Sep 09
An infographic explaining the growing importance of HTML5 and why web developers should build and support it.




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