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How Web Designers and Developers Backup Their Sites

HOW DO DESIGNERS BACKUP THE VEB? Sponsored by CodeGuard 2013 Websites are FRAGILE. How do they get damaged? %#@! Human Error Malicious Users Hackers For example: accidentally deleting files For example: a disgruntled employee For example: someone who or moving and renaming things that deleting things on purpose to hurt inserts malware onto your should be left alone the business website without you knowing OVER WEBSITES ARE VULNERABLE 1.3 MILLION AND UNDER ATTACK! SITES HOST MALWARE Every Attack Sites Discovered Monthly 3.47 seconds a website is hacked. That equals... 9k 1,037 174,293 6k per hour per week 3k 9,063,285 per year 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 YEAR Infected Sites Detected vs. Phishing Sites Detected Whether a hacker attacks your site, or human error causes your website to become infected, malware can be extremely damaging to your business. Using a backup service that performs malware detection protects you and your clients. 300k 200k 100k 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 YEAR Infected Sites I Phishing Sites DEAL WITH ALL OF THESE THREATS? HOW DO DESIGNERS AND DESIGN AGENCIES TO FIGURE OUT THE ANSWER WE DECIDED TO CONDUCT A SURVEY! We surveyed over 120 of the world's leading web designers and design agencies to find out how they currently backup their websites, what tools they use and what they want most from backups. Our respondents broke down into a few categories: 83 web designers 7 WordPress designers Others include: 1. Freelancer 2. UI/UX Designer 3. Branding Designer 15 digital agencies 3 Joomla! designers 4. Visual Designer 5. Media Consultant MIIIIIII 6. IT Consultant 7. Web Firm 11 creative agencies 8. Magento Designer 9. Media Marketer 10. Interactive Agency FIRST) WE ASKED, "WHAT BACKUP TOOLS ARE YOU CURRENTLY USING?" Of designers Of designers also said they relied on 74% said they relied on their hosting 72% multiple tools provider for and services for backups backups The top answers for methods used were: 1. Custom Script 2. Hosting Provider Tools 4. WordPress Plugin 3. Github All methods used: KEY Custom Script Website Backup Files, folders, images, and media Hosting Provider Tools Github WordPress Plugin Database Backup Git Tables, rows, columns, data SVN Version Control Akeeba Backup Bitbucket Sltevault Hosting Provider Tools Custom Script WordPress Plugin Akeeba Backup Git 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 RESPONSES WE THEN ASKED, WANT SERVICE?" IN A BACKUP "WHAT DO YOU #3 Affordable #5 Easy to Setup 1. Easy to use 2. One-click restore #2 One-click restore #4 Automatic 3. Affordable #2 #3 #1 Easy to use 4. Automatic 5. Easy to setup 9% 7% #1 #4 6% 6. Fast 7. Database Backup '5 5% 8. Reliable 15% 9. Set it and forget it 10. Customer picked backup interval 5%#6 11. Cloud based #27 4% #7 12. Secure Other 13. Great UI 14. Email Notifications 261% 15. White label 1% #25 4%, "24 16. Transparent 1% #22 1% "23 623 21 17. Client Access 4% 2% 2% 2% #19 #18 3% #10 #11 #20 %23 18. Version Control 2% 2% 2% 2% #13 3% 19. Mobile enabled #17 #16 2% #14 #12 #15 20. Differential Backup 21. CMS compatible 22. Control panel integration 23. Download backups 26. On-demand backup/restore 24. Exclude folders 25. Multiple backups 27. Other SO. 72% of designers rely on multiple tools for their backup needs. But what if there was one tool that met all of their needs? INTRODUCING CODEGUARD WEBSITE AND DATABASE BACKUP "The registration process was amazingly "A simple time machine for your "CodeGuard enables the owner to simple. Just create a user account, add website." eradicate infections by returning the your ftp information, and voilà! " -TechCrunch Disrupt site to a known clean state" - Joseph P., Audience Choice Award -USA Today CodeGuard customer TC USA TODAY Start your free trial today. visit Sources: CodeGuard Designer Survey 2013, Google "Safe Browsing - Protecting Web Users for 5 Years and Counting", ReadWrite Enterprise "Over 1.3 Million Websites Host Malware - Don't Be One of Them", Amazon “Data Protection" CodeGuard WEBSITES BACKUP METHOD/SERVICE USED WEBSITES

How Web Designers and Developers Backup Their Sites

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CodeGuard is the leading provider of cloud website backup in the world. Recognized by USA Today, Inc Magazine, TechCrunch, and partnered with CloudFlare, SEOMoz, Parallels, and Namecheap, CodeGuard ba...




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