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How To Use Your Smartphone as a Safety Device

How to use your moby Smartphone as a Safety Device Emergency First Aid Emergencies can cause a lot of us to panic and forget our most basic first-aid knowledge. Emergency Aid applications can be very useful when you or someone with you needs medical attention. Detailed what-to-do illustrations and guides will come in handy no matter how serious the emergency. Coping with a Broken Down Car Ever had a flat tire, ran out of gas or had your car die on you in the middle of nowhere? Considering not all of us have the necessary knowledge to fix a car on the spot, it is possible to be stranded alone for hours waiting for help to arrive. Car Care and Roadside Emergency apps are great, as they show you how to handle/fix the most common types of breakdowns (especially good for those who cannot call anyone because there is no cell phone reception). Mapping Unfamiliar Locations Map applications allow you to be prepared before you go to view a prospective client's house. Google Maps will allow you to check to see if the house is in isolated area or if you are uneasy about being in a certain area find the quickest route to get back to your home or office. For your safety, if the house is in the middle of nowhere or it is surrounded by wilderness, make sure you tell someone where you are, go with a friend, or use a safety application. Lost or Stolen Wallet This is a very common nuisance that happens to the best of us; we either misplace our wallet or someone decides they need it more than we do. Credit Card Emergency apps allow you to securely store the number of your credit card and the telephone number of your bank on your phone. Informing the bank as soon as possible about your stolen credit card can save from a great deal stress and money. As a side safety note, try and keep your phone in your hand and not in your bag, so if your bag gets stolen you can immediately call emergency services. Make sure you password protect your phone as well. Storing New Client Information Built-in cameras are great tools if you did not have time to photocopy your clients' personal information and ID. You can take a picture of their ID and e-mail it to the office while you are on the go (if your client feels uneasy, just let them know you will delete it from your phone once it is e-mailed). Taking a photo of their car and license plate T//// 1BABSJ6 can also come in handy if you ever have to report them to the police. • [email protected] © 2010 Moby. All rights reserved. 1234 1234

How To Use Your Smartphone as a Safety Device

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Smartphones, no matter what platform you are on, are great because of their apps; whether they allow you to upload a video, check in your location or e-mail a client. Considering there are over 200,00...




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