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How to Upcycle Your Broken Mobile Phone Parts into Survival Tools

HOW TO UPCYCLE YOUR BROKEN MOBILE PHONE PARTS LINTO n TA! SURVIVAL TOOLS ell phones today are capable of amazing things. You can talk, text, tweet, browse, shop, or buy from anywhere in the world. But, did you know your phone can become pretty handy in a stone age survival situation as well? USEFUL PARTS SPEAKER LCD SCREEN METAL WIRE CIRCUIT BOARD BATTERY SURVIVAL TOOLS 1. FERE STARTING The items that can be created. Ranked in order of importance. ITEMS FROM PHONE ITEMS FROM ENVIRONMENT Battery Wire Combustible Material PROCESS Have all the components close at hand as this process is quick. Touch the wire to the positive and negative nodes of the battery. The wire will become red hot almost instantly. Touch the combustible material to the wire to ignite it. The wire will likely disintegrate in a few seconds so you will only have one shot per wire. 2. CUTTENG TOOLS ITEMS FROM PHONE ITEMS FROM ENVIRONMENT Circuit Board Metal Mount Smooth Rock PROCESS 1 PROCESS 2 Slide one edge of the circuit board over the smooth rock to sharpen it. Break an edge off the metal mount by folding it back and forth while creasing it with the rock. 3. SIGNAL MERROR ITEMS FROM PHONE LCD screen PROCESS The screen of the phone will have mirror like layers behind it. To use the mirror to signal for rescue hold the mirror up just below your eyes with one hand and with the other hand hold out a peace sign. Line the mirror up so it is reflecting light onto your fingers then, while keeping the light on your fingers, align the rescue vehicle between your fingers. 4. COMPASS ITEMS FROM PHONE ITEMS FROM ENVIRONMENT Speaker Steel Wire Leaf Puddle PROCESS Remove the magnet from the speaker. Straighten the wire if it is not already, then rub one end of the wire on the magnet for a few seconds. Place the wire on the leaf floating in the puddle. The wire and leaf will align so that the end you rubbed will point north. (2 5. CATCHENG FOOD ITEMS FROM PHONE ITEMS FROM ENVIRONMENT Circuit Board Metal Mount Stick Cordage PROCESS 1 PROCESS 2 Sharpen the circuit board as in section 2 into an arrowhead Tie cordage or string around the middle of a small straight piece of the metal mount. Bait this fishing lure length wise with a worm. shape. Cut a notch in the stick and insert the arrowhead. Secure the head with any cordage or string. Sources: Designed by Natalie Bracco Published by

How to Upcycle Your Broken Mobile Phone Parts into Survival Tools

shared by AnsonAlex on Aug 08
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5 ways to use parts from your mobile cell phone to get ahead in a survival situation.




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