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How to Troubleshoot DNS Problems

TING TROUBLESHO DNS ERROR MADE EASY AN END USER IS UNABLE TO PERFORM NAME RESOLUTION! Correct the user's Does user have a valid Problem solved? TCP / IP NO IP configuration configuration including DNS servers? YES NO YES BULLSEYE! JOB WELL DONE PING the DNS server by IP address Was the PING successful? YES NO Network problem between the client and DNS server Correct the Problem solved? network problem YES NO BULLSEYE! JOB WELL DONE Unpause the zone At client type: nslookup 127.0.01 [server IP address] YES Server failure Address: Reverse zone for Response received? Server is 127.0.01 127.001 paused? working Time - out NO Л П DNS service started? Use performance monitor for load test. Server might be overloaded. Reduce YES NO server load or add additional DNS servers П П Make sure DNS Start the DNS service is listening on correct address service Problem solved? 0100010010101111010 00101010100101010 11101010111001101011 0100100 NO YES Make sure desired zone exists. If BULLSEYEI it doesn't create it and populate it with the appropriate records Problem solved? JOB WELL DONE YES NO BULLSEYE! JOB WELL DONE AN END USER IS GETTING INCORRECT DNS RESPONSES! Л ПП О At client type: nslookup [name] [auth server IP address] ??? No answer or an error What did you get? Correct answer BULLSEYE! JOB WELL DONE Incorrect answer There is a problem with recursion or with a forwarding server from which the target server receives DNS data. Use Flush the client's cache flowchart on the recursed or with ipconfig / flushdns forwarding server BULLSEYEI JOB WELL DONE Make sure root hints are Problem solved? YES properly configured and point to functioning server NO Make sure that delegation Flush the server's DNS cache: between the root server and the name you are looking up is not broken DNS manager > right click server > Clear cache BULLSEYE! JOB WELL DONE Problem solved? YES NO THE LAST STAND! There is incorrect Verify the serial number on the master server on the Start of Authority Verify in Event Viewer that zone authorative data for the transfers are successful. Check the domain. Check the following on domain authoritative Zone Transfer tab for domain on master server for correct tab. If it is less than the information. DNS Manager> [server] > [domain]. Right-click and select Properties > Zone trandfer tab. If necessary. force a zone transfer server: serial number of the secondary server, increment it on the Verify the domain record to make sure it is correct master until it is greater ORSYP Source:

How to Troubleshoot DNS Problems

shared by kensavage on Mar 06
DNS is so important to the essential services of today's Windows networks that it's got to be the most common and most frustrating parts of your job to troubleshoot. The process can seem difficult bu...


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