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How Tech-Savvy Are Our Kids?

How TECH-SAVVY are our kids? BỊC DIEF We can't ignore technology in modern day society, we are surrounded by it almost everywhere we go, from the minute we are born. With the ever increasing number of technology products on the market for us to purchase, a few questions arise: 1. How tech savvy are our kids today? 2. How do parents feel about this and where will we be in 10 years' time? Where are we now? Babies as young as 6 months are playing with their parents electronic devices 19% of parents admit that their children had sent a text or made a phone call without them realising at the time More children aged 2-5 years old with internet access at home know how to play a computer game and use a smartphone rather than: UNDER 10'S Tie their shoelaces Swim Ride a bike 72% of children under 5 years old spend on average half an hour online everyday Over 50% of children between 5 - 8 years old have used tablets to learn and play The average teen owns 3.5 gadgets Teens and their mobile phones: 50% 36% 61% 36% check their 50% say they can't live longer than a week without their phone 61% say they couldn't survive without texting phone at least once every 10 minutes 37% 52% TEENS 37% admit to checking 52% use their phone regardless of where they are their phone on the toilet How have teens embraced Facebook? facebook. Have twice as many friends as 30 - 40 year olds Studies show that younger users show more negative emotions on Facebook and swear more !%*& 82% 100% Make almost 3 times as many wall posts as 40 - 50 year olds 82% of 16 - 18 year olds use Facebook every day Like Comment Like Comment www. 71% of teenagers think they 97% of 15 - 16 year olds have 1 in 3 teenagers have a computer in learn more about IT outside of internet access at home their bedroom school than in their IT classes Concerns: 69% 46% 46% are worried about the 69% are worried about the impact online activity has on their child's academic and job prospects information advertisers can find out about their child's online activity 72% 59% 72% are worried about their children 59% of parents whose children are social network users have interacting online with strangers spoken to them about something worrying posted on their account When should kids get their first mobile phone: PARENT'S 10 OPINION 22% of parents think it should be aged 10 43% of parents think it should be aged 10-12 Where will children and technology be in 10 years time? A FEW EXPERT PREDICTIONS... BETH BLECHERMAN In 10 year's time computers, smartphones, TV's and tablets will all converge with wireless access and accessories (including more advanced built in camera's) so kids will be using their devices for everything (as a toy, watch movies, reading, doing homework, voice, video chat, capturing memories). That functionality exists now - but only some devices have some features. In the future kids will be able to do all the same functions throughout devices TECHMAMAS TOM ARMENANTE I think in 10 years that children's interaction with technology will be mainly gesture based and if input is required the keyboard would use holographic technology instead of a physical device MATTHEW MARLEY I wouldn't be surprised if we see Schools creating their own apps allowing parents to keep up with the child's progress (Big Brother). Kids could also use this as a learning tool, for example they could use the apps to access their homework, see what classes they have the following day etc. I also think there will be new ways for kids to learn using modern technology, look at Kinect from Microsoft they are continuing to evolve this platform and we could see it introduced into their desktop 0S's in the very near future, this would allow children to physically interact with the computers helping them to learn while proving an engaging, fun experience. We may even see things like Google Goggles be adapted for kids allowing them to communicate, chat, play games all from the glasses References: webtise. ANGIOLOTTY online Success Heaven for your little angels

How Tech-Savvy Are Our Kids?

shared by WebtiseUK on Jan 11
An infographic which looks into how tech-savvy our kids are with three predictions as to where we see kids and technology in 10 years.





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