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How to Teach Yourself Code

RW TEACH YOURSELF LANGUAGES: [ ] } PYTHON JAVASCRIPT RUBY Multi-purpose Programming languages A high-level programming programming language for making web pages language that is used with and websites alongside that emphasises readability and is used by Google, Ruby on Rails framework to develop web applications. HTML/CSS - most Facebook and Youtube. popular language. Easy Fairly easy Fairly easy / < c/C++ > JAVA General-purpose and cross platform programming Programming languages used for system and language - originally called application software. C++ was originally an extension of C and is commonly used Oak, named after the tree outside its inventor's window (James Gosling). for gaming development. Moderate Moderate to difficult THERE ARE SEVERAL WEBSITES WHERE YOU CAN LEARN TO CODE FOR FREE! 000 000 code cademy treehouse Most popular, free platform for learning code Treehouse has "tracks" to help guide you towards the right coding path for the right job. 24MILLION+ users 100,000+ active users [ FREE ] [ 14 day free trial then £16 a month ] 000 OOO Code School udemy Offers experts the chance to upload their courses for a Uses screencasts and interactive exercises tuition free or for free 1MILLION+ enrolled 7MILLION+ enrolled [< ] [ ] £19 a month Fees vary MUST READS: These sources are useful for learning the basics through to intermediate level with video tutorials and helpful forums. Code-specific books can help you with a particular language once you have started, but reading has its limits. You won't find out if you enjoy programming until you start practising yourself! Start with an easy language like Python. £14 £38 Cahong e Eclence in Jau ZED SHAW'S HARD WAY S £19 THE C ++ Ľearn ΡΥTHON PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE JavaScript: The Good Parts the HARD WAY FOURTH EDITION THIRD EDITION A Very Simple Introduction to the Terrifyingly Beautiful World of Computers and Code BJARNE STROUSTRUP THE CATOR Or C. ZED A SHAW O'REILLY YAHOO! PRESS Dglas On Learn Python the Hard Way Zed A Shaw Javascript: The Good Parts The C++ Programming Language Bjarne Stroustrup Douglas Crockford ESSENTIAL BOOKMARKS: These websites can provide a network of support from the programming community if you have any questions to ask. You can also use GitHub as a source of inspiration by learning from other programmers' coding as well as gaining your own experience working on open source projects. GitHub Estackoverflow StackExchange Quora Images:,,,,,,,, PRESENTED BY LIME IT lime

How to Teach Yourself Code

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Learning how to code is a long and difficult process, but if it's something you are genuinely passionate about, you'll be lucky to know there are plenty of online sources to help you learn and practis...


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