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How to Take Over the World Using Technology

17 WAYS TECHNOLOGY COULD BE USED TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD Throughout history, power has been gained in a multitude of ways; from precise planning to engaging the hearts and minds of the masses. Whichever way it's achieved, knowledge is always essential, and developments in technology have increased the ways in which information is gathered and used. Despite great advancements, technology still cannot discern the intention of its operators, leaving inventions designed for the greater good open to misuse by those who seek some power of their own. CURRENT TECH FUTURE TECH INFECTIOUS DISEASES - CLONING ***** Kill them, or cure them and cash in Scientists Harvest your own humans Scientists can now modify cells by switching their existing DNA to that of an adult human. Techniques in therapeutic cloning are close to curing conditions such as blindness and have created potential catastrophic flu virus by combining one highly contagious and one deadly strain to research how molecular changes affect virus a transmission in humans. heart disease. SUPERVILLIAN POTENTIAL SUPERVILLIAN POTENTIAL Aside from wiping out civilisations with killer influenza, creating a deadly infection and selling the antidote could prove profitable. Humans could be created with the sole purpose of serving their master, with organ harvesting acting as a lucrative side business. LEVEL OF EVIL LEVEL OF EVIL FUTURE TECH FUTURE TECH BIOTECHNOLOGY SELF-DRIVING CARS **** **** Engineer an eternally youthful army An experimental treatment has reversed the aging process in mice. Ongoing experiments are looking at applying this science to the aging of humans. Who needs accomplices anyway? Motor companies and tech giants have combined existing technologies to build vehicles that drive themselves. SUPERVILLIAN POTENTIAL Armies could live and serve longer and harder with the help of this anti-aging technology. SUPERVILLIAN POTENTIAL Every supervillain needs a getaway car and one that drives itself leaves two hands free to fend off pursuing enemies. LEVEL OF EVIL LEVEL OF EVIL ROBOTICS Build your own bad-guy Advances in technology pave the way for stronger, cheaper and more versatile robots. The diverse application of robotics technology includes toys and transportation to space exploration. SUPERVILLIAN POTENTIAL Robots, like supervillains, don't come with a conscience as standard and can be programmed to perform all sorts of evils. CURRENT TECH LEVEL OF EVIL CURRENT TECH CURRENT TECH ONLINE BANKING HACKING **** **** **** ** Phishing for details Online banking facilities have rigorous security protocols in place, but rely on accessing legitimate sites. Capturing the "cloud" An ever-increasing amount of data and software are now hosted and stored online. consumers Uses include storing personal and customer data and controlling CCTV and other security devices. Businesses and individuals use online banking as a convenient way to manage their finances. SUPERVILLIAN POTENTIAL By creating a convincing website that poses as the real deal, villains can soon boost their own finances by accessing unsuspecting SUPERVILLIAN POTENTIAL High value data is now obtainable without breaking and entering and security systems can be remotely compromised. victims' accounts. LEVEL OF EVIL LEVEL OF EVIL SATELLITE IMAGERY ****** Spying from space Satellite technology has the potential to provide live, moving 3D images of any location on this and other planets. SUPERVILLIAN POTENTIAL Spying has never been simpler, even if an enemy's HQ is on Mars. Operations can be remotely monitored and law enforcement evaded with ease. CURRENT TECH LEVEL OF EVIL CURRENT TECH CURRENT TECH 30 PRINTERS •IDENTITY THEFT-**** ***** Print your own power Advances in 3D printing are making tech smaller, cheaper and increasingly accessible and can produce everything from prosthetics to pizza. Taking advantage of lax security Tech for detecting banking fraud has improved, but unintentional sharing of sensitive data has led to increased identity theft. SUPERVILLIAN POTENTIAL SUPERVILLIAN POTENTIAL The possibilities are endless, but applications include printing customisable and untraceable weapons and other nefarious devices. By knowing what to look for and where, sensitive data, like contact details and answers to security questions, can be quite easily accessed. LEVEL OF EVIL LEVEL OF EVIL OBEY CURRENT TECH CURRENT TECH MOBILE TRACKING- SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES+ Makes keeping tabs easier than ever Mobile tracking has become so specific it can pinpoint the building, floor and room an Online mind manipulation Subliminal messages can be hidden in anything from films and music to computer games to sell products or subtly deliver individual is in. messages. SUPERVILLIAN POTENTIAL Knowing the precise location of both allies and adversaries is a useful asset to any SUPERVILLIAN POTENTIAL Web pop-ups and other online ads could be used as a quick and easy method of delivering dastardly brain washing messages supervillain. LEVEL OF EVIL to the masses. LEVEL OF EVIL AUDIO-VISUAL EQUIPMENT ** Watch Big Brother whilst he watches you Modern technology such as consoles, tablets and smartphones now come with cameras, microphones and wireless connectivity as standard. SUPERVILLIAN POTENTIAL An unimaginable level of sensitive data could be captured by gaining illicit access to a camera or microphone on "smart" technology. CURRENT TECH LEVEL OF EVIL VOTE-RIGGING ***** ***** If you can't win, cheat E-voting machines are increasingly popular and online voting is surely on the horizon in the digital age. Electronic counting systems are quicker and more accurate than humans tallying traditional pen and paper ballots. VOTE SUPERVILLIAN POTENTIAL By corrupting voting technology, the highest levels of office and power can be gained without any mandate. CURRENT TECH LEVEL OF EVIL NEWS CURRENT TECH CURRENT TECH (ANTIJSOCIAL NETWORK - ***CREATING THE NEWS.. Capturing info through apps A number of secret-sharing apps already exist, primarily used by young people as an outlet for thoughts and secrets, but have been used to anonymously break high profile news. Altering the online agenda The internet allows anyone to set up an online news outlet and become a published journalist, social media has revolutionised news reporting. SUPERVILLIAN POTENTIAL Creating a credible-looking outfit from which to gather followers and set a news agenda has never been easier; plus there are always existing ones available to hack. SUPERVILLIAN POTENTIAL Knowing a person's deepest, darkest secrets allow for blackmail and can manipulation; useful tools for a supervillain. LEVEL OF EVIL LEVEL OF EVIL *****★ CRYPTOCURRENCY ****** ****** Crime can pay with digital currencies Bitcoin was the first and most notable of a number of digital currency networks that act as an alternative to traditional payments. SUPERVILLIAN POTENTIAL Cryptocurrency transactions can be anonymised and the FBI has identified human trafficking, money laundering and terrorism as just some of the activities they might support. CURRENT TECH LEVEL OF EVIL 17 WAYS TECHNOLOGY COULD BE USED TO CONOSCO TAKE OVER THE WORLD IT-PARTNERS C ex

How to Take Over the World Using Technology

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The world has never been more connected, prosperous and healthy. Due in no small part to the development and spread of wonderous technologies around the world. But what if you chose to take over the w...







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