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How Stanford Got 10000 Participants For Their Research in 24 Hours

boston btc technology HOW STANFORD GOT 10000 PARTICIPANTS FOR THEIR RESEARCH STUDY IN 24 HOURS The MyHeart Counts app, tracks activity and uses risk factor and survey information to help researchers more accurately assess a patient's cardiovascular health ResearchKit And Stanford was not the only one 7,000 Developed by Sage Bionetworks and the University of Rochester, the Parkinson mPower app helps users track their symptoms using activities like memory games, finger tapping, speaking, and walking. MELIORA Study Participants Mount Sinai's lcahn School of Medicine and LifeMap Solutions created the Asthma Health app to help facilitate patient education and self-monitoring 2,500 Study Participants After going live in early March, the first five ResearchKit-enabled apps have recruited over 60,000 participants collectively ResearchKit Modules ResearchKit provides three modules that can be customized and built upon by the app developers. These modules provide base functionality for items commonly needed in medical research such as surveys, participant consent and simple active tasks that users perform such as walking, sitting and talking. The data generated by the surveys and active tasks is then made available to the researchers to analyze. INFORMED CONSENT АCTIVE TASKS SURVEY Use visual e-consent templates to inform the participants on what type of data will be collected via the app, why is it collected and where it will be used. Conduct quick quizzes and collect consent digitally on the app. Utilize the pre-built user interface options to add questions and build surveys for the participant response. Prompts participants to perform a certain task that will generate data using iPhone's sensors. Accelerometer Text to Speech Efficiently and accurately measure movements/activity of participants. Auditory reinforcement of what is happening on the screen especially useful for studies involving participants with vision challenges Gyroscope Measure dexterity and gait stability to understand the advancement of symptoms using activities like memory games, finger tapping, etc. Dictation Let the participants say what they want and the device will convert the words into text, especially useful in studies where participants are aged. GPS Braille Displays Helps to capture location data if required (and could be used to analyze location based factors/triggers relevant for medical research studies) PHONE FEATURES Use braille displays for onscreen navigation and performing specific tasks Vibrating Alerts Receive research task reminders, activity follow ups, important notifications and alerts in the form of vibrations/flash displays Mic The ubiquity of the smartphone helps to record participant's voice, measure any audible changes and can be used to capture feedback on a consistent basis Closed Captions Extend the reach of research participants by enabling captions and subtitles Camera Take real time pictures, video snippets to gather more meaningful data to aid research studies Assisstive Touch Helps researchers better engage participants with unique physical challenges by helping them leverage the multi-touch screen with custom gestures Haptic Feedback Incorporate with the user interface of the app to collect data based on force/vibration/touch/motion Switch Control Designed to help participants with physical and motor skill challenges, this accessibility technology can help in sequential navigation through bluetooth enabled switch hardware HealthKit (applicable only to iOS) Integrate HealthKit to access relevant data like daily step counts, calorie use, heart rate, etc. from Health App Wearables Collect more accurate insights into participants diet, fitness and lifestyle information to gather much more objective health data. boston btc technology © 2015 Boston Technology Corporation / All rights reserved. [email protected] | +1 781-583-1144 |. | anfords-researchkit-app-gained-more-users-in-24-hours-than-most-medical-studies-find-in-a-year.html | |

How Stanford Got 10000 Participants For Their Research in 24 Hours

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Apple ResearchKit which is creating a lot of stir in clinical research industry is an opensource framework. With the phone and ResearchKit App researcher can collect data like never before.Here is how...


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