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How Smartphones Impact Our Lives

How Smartphones Impacted Our Lives? "I CAN'T LIVE 65% 40% "I'D GIVE UP COFFEE FIRST" WITHOUT MY IPHONE!" "I'LL STOP BATHING EVERY DAY 18% BEFORE I GIVE UP MY IPHONE" of iPhone owners surveyed said: "GO A WEEKEND WITHOUT MY IPHONE? 15% I'D RATHER GIVE UP SEX" AN APP A DAY KEEPS BOREDOM AWAY According to a Nielsen study examining app downloads, the following categories of apps were most used by people who had downloaded an app. 64% 60% 56% 51% GPS GAMES WEATHER SOCIAL NETWORKING MAPS 44% 39% 34% 32% $S MUSIC NEWS ENTERTAINMENT FINANCE 26% 26% ..-- ----- MOVIES/MIDEO SHOPPING *Nielsen study was conducted in Q2 2011 and examined app usage for individuais who had downloaded an app during a 30 day period. GAME PLAYING BY DEVICE Avg. time user spends playing games (hours per month) 14.7 9.3 4.7 4.5 APPLE IPHONE ANDROID WINDOWS PHONE 7 RIM BLACKBERRY Cell phone owners with a household income of $75,000 or more are 3-4X more likely to own A BLACKBERRY OR IPHONE PEOPLE PARTY WITH SMARTPHONES ENCOURAGE THEIR SMARTPHONE STREAMLINING Once they get an iPhone, many people get rid of other devices. One study reveals that most iPhone owners use their phone in a social setting. iPod or Occasionally or usually 58% 70% mp3 player Almost 25% 55% Camera always Rarely 17% 40% GPS or never SMARTPHONES & SPORT During the first 2 days of the 2012 NCAA basketball tournament, smartphone sport consumption jumped During the tournament of sports traffic was from smartphones 20% and tablets. 83% DIFFERENT PHONES ATTRACT DIFFERENT TYPES OF PEOPLE According to one study, iPhone users perceive themselves as slightly more optimistic and easy going than Android users do. Android Android Don't get upset too easily Always optimistic 28% about the future 18% 52% Apple 25% Аpple But both seem to be more easygoing and optimistic than BlackBerry owners. 33% believe if something can go wrong, it will 33% rarely count on good things happening to them 0% usually expect the best to happen WHAT WERE EARLY CELL PHONE USERS LIKE? Motorola introduced the first mobile phone to the consumer market in 1983 THEY WHERE THEY WHERE RICH- STRONG ... It weighed 2 Ibs and was the size of a brick The first phone cost $3,995 RURAL DWELLERS KEEP IT OLD SCHOOL Most smartphone owners tend to live in more densely populated areas. ANDROID IPHONE BLACKBERRY Urban 15% 12% 11% Suburban 16% 10% 10% Rural 10% 05% 07% SMART REMEMBER THERE'S A 6S IN SMARTPHONE According to a StudyBlue survey of customers, those who use their mobile device to help them study... Are almost 3x more likely to track their academic progress Study 40 more minutes each week because they can study on the go Aren't pulling too many all-nighters - they are twice as likely to study between 6 am and 8 am :)

How Smartphones Impact Our Lives

shared by vito.andolini7110 on Jan 27
Today, every individual uses smartphones to communicate and remain connected with the globe. See how it impacts our lives in the infographic.


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