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How Smartphones Are Saving Lives

SMARTPHONES ARE SAVING LIVES As the years go by technology improves more and more. From making life easier to making life safer. Check out the graphic below that illustrates How Smartphones Are Saving Lives. Smartphones Can Save Lives During A Disaster Situation TORNADO WARNINGS Ping4 Inc. smartphone tech- nology provides fast, detailed information to people in tornado-prone areas, hoping to save lives. Warning! Warning! EARTHQUAKE WARNINGS QuakeFeed is an app that gives users quick details on Earthquakes, including scale details, maps, and more. SHELTER Survivors SAFE ZONE LOCATOR The smartphone software Where's Safe, developed by the University of Manchester, quickly identifies safe areas for people to go to in the event of a natural Welcome! disaster or terrorist attack. I Found Them! FIND YOUR LOVED ONES There are several apps that enable your location to be found by people of your choosing. For example, iOS has the Find My Phone feature and Android allows users to locate one another using Latitude that is built into the Google Maps app. Smartphones Can Save Lives During DangerouS Situations Yikes!!! 771 777 1711 7777 rrre ר WATCH OVER ME Whether you're going for a run, walking to your car, walking home, taking a cab, or meeting someone for the first time, all you have to do is let the app know and it'll watch over you through- out your event. If you fail to check-in safely once you're done, Watch Over Me will send an alert out to your emergency con- tacts with your most recent location and turn on your phone's camera and audio recording functions to let your loved ones know what's going on. GUARDLY EMERGENCY BEACON Make yourself heard! At any time during an emergency, you can use Guardly to play a loud whistle sound to deter would-be attackers or signal for help. HOSPITAL Smartphones Can Save Lives During Medical Situations AMBULANCE AMRULANCE Ouch!!! PERSONAL TRIAGE Created by two ER medical doctors, the iTriage app for smartphones helps you answer the questions:"How is my medical health?" and "Where should I go for treatment?" Save, easily HEART ATTACK ALERT Heart attack coming on? Yep, you guessed it: There's an app for that. A new medical device could turn your phone into a lifesaver. The tiny implant monitors your blood and using Bluetooth, it transmits data to access, and share the health care information that's most important to you. your phone and can send a warning to your smartphone if it detects potentially life-saving problems. PREVENTIVE MEDICAL TESTS According to Dr. Eric Topol, as described on "Rock Center," a modified smartphone allows doctors to administer: CARDIOGRAMTESTS BLOOD TESTS URINE TESTS SALIVA TESTS SWEAT TESTS Smartphones Saving Lives In The News NEWS PHONE SAVES MAN FROM TORNADO In Solitude, Indiana, a smartphone app saved a man's life when a tornado ripped through his town. Richard Pepper heard the Ping4 alert on his phone and ran from his backyard just seconds before a tree crashed onto the exact spot where Pepper had been standing. NEWS PHONE HELPS FIND LOST MAN A smartphone helped rescuers locate an HTC manager named Kang Chi-cheng, who was in an accident while going mountain climbing. Kang, 33, was airlifted from a mountain after rescue teams managed to reach him, seven days after he fell into a ravine. NEWS PHONE SAVES MAN FROM HEART ATTACK One day in April, Bob Ketteler with no sense directions to the closest one. Bob was having a stroke and doctors were of alarm, said that his right arm felt numb. His wife typed his symptoms into an app called iTriage. The app not only warned of a possible stroke, it also advised to go straight to the emergency room and then gave able to stop it before it caused major damage. CUPERTINO PHONE REPAIR WORKS CITED FID4 http:/ 2013an/25/news/la-ol-healthcare-smartphone-20130125

How Smartphones Are Saving Lives

shared by Matt_Siltala on May 15
Smartphones can save lives during a disaster situation, and this infographic breaks it down for us to digest.


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