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How Small Business Has Gone Gaga for Mobile

RELY ON MOBILE How Small Le Pelite lhappe Businesses An astounding 96% of small businesses use wireless devices and technology in their operations. Here, we explore how mobile technology is gaining ground and why small businesses are using it. MOBILE SMALL BUSINESS HOT SPOTS Though small businesses around the country are integrating mobile technologies into their operations, many have different opinions on the importance of those technologies. AT&T recently ranked the most mobile cities for small businesses based on survey responses to four criteria. FOUR FACTORS OF MOBILE ADOPTION 1. Perceived importance of wireless 2. Use of wireless technology 3. Use of mobile apps 4. Percentage of employees using wireless to work away from the office Top Markets For Small Businesses Adopting Mobile 1. MIAMI 2. ATLANTA 3. SAN DIEGO 4. DALLAS 5. SAN FRANCISCO 6. OKLAHOMA CITY 7. WASHINGTON 8. CHICAGO 9. INDIANAPOLIS 10. KANSAS D.C. CITY MOBILE OPERATIONS Sink Or Swim Remote Working An increasing number of small businesses find wireless technologies to be crucial to operations. Nearly More small businesses report that all their employees use wireless devices to work away from the office. 2/3: of small businesses today say that they would not survive without wireless technology. The number of small businesses that employ mobile for remote work is expected to reach 50% by 2012 Small Businesses That Couldn't Survive Without Wireless Tech h 42% 2008 All Employees Use Wireless Devices For Remote Work 2011 64% 0| 24% 2008 A Competitive Advantage #1 40% 2011 There are many reasons small businesses employ mobile apps in their operations, but one is to have an advantage over the competition. 50%* 2012 *Projected Wireless Technologies Help Provide A Competitive Advantage Tablet Boom Just one year after the debut of Apple's iPad, tablet devices are taking a dominant position in small businesses. 31% 34% Agree Strongly Agree 29% of small business professionals own a tablet device D000 62% 26% 8% report using a tablet multiple times a day for business Neither Agree Nor Disagree 00000 51% Disagree or Strongly Disagree Due to rounding, numbers do not add to 100 prefer to travel with a tablet over a laptop THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT say it'd be difficult to survive without mobile apps Small businesses are increasingly reliant on mobile apps for day-to- day operations. Nearly 3/4 of small business report they use apps, and more than 1/3 say they'd face challenges without apps available. 28% 72% of small businesses use mobile apps in their business Mobile Apps Small Businesses Use Reasons Small Businesses Use Moblie Apps Productivity and efficiency are the most popular reasons why small businesses use mobile apps. Small businesses are using mobile apps in operations for a variety of reasons. Most popular are GPS or navigation apps. 49% |26% |26% |24% |23% |22% |20% | 18% GPS/Navigation Time saving 62% Social media marketing Increased productivity 59% Document management Location-based services Cost saving |29% Time management Travel and expense tracker |22% Generate new business Debit/Credit payments in the field To be cool and hip |11% Conferencing Mobile marketing and advertising 16% Convenience (1% Delivery and shipment 15% | 12% |11% Inventory tracking/management Stay connected (1% Field service Ability to work anywhere (1% Sales force automation 11% Asset management or tracking Ease of use (1% Fleet management or tracking 4% 23% Not sure why 6% None of the above Sources: AT&T Small Business Technology Poll 2011 | Mashable | RingCentral intuit. QuickBooks Online

How Small Business Has Gone Gaga for Mobile

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As adoption of mobile smart devices (smartphones, tablets, and so on) has accelerated with consumers, so has it among small businesses. More and more small businesses are now choosing to liberate thei...




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