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How Safe Is Your PIN?

How Sare is YouR Everything You Need PIN? to Know About PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION NUMBERS Although a four-digit PIN can seem like a little detail in the scheme of things, it can play a major role in your financial security. Why do we use PINS, and could someone guess yours? Find out: 1967 The man who invented the ATM also invented the PIN. He envisioned people using a six-digit code for authentication, but his wife thought four digits were easier to THE BASICS remember. PINS are used with: DEBIT & CREDIT CARDS (POINTS OF SALE) ATMS It's recommended that PINS don't exceed six digits for usability reasons. Commonly called a "PIN number," this phrase is actually redundant as PIN stands for: A PIN is a secret numeric password shared between a user and a system that can authenticate the user to the system. While some people can choose their PINS, others receive randomly assigned passcodes. XXXX PIN SHARING Personal Identification When arranged to form a four-digit PIN, the digits 0-9 can create Nearly 50% of respondents in one survey admitted to freely sharing Number 10,000 POSSIBLE COMBINATIONS their PINS with others. ANALYZING PINS compiled a list of nearly 3.4 million exposed four-digit passwords. Every single one of the 10,000 possible combinations was represented. The author determined the following: PINS MOST USED PINS LEAST USED 10.7% 6.02% 1.88% 0.00095% 1234 0000 1*2*3*4* 7637 1111 1.20% 0.75% 7777 0.62% 0.00095% Do not MOST POPULAR PASSWORD 1212 1004 6835 change your 0.61% 0.53% 0.52% 0.00095% code to one of the least 2000 4444 2222 9629 . 0.51% 6969 used PINS as thieves 0.45% 0.42% 0.00089% 9999 3333 -26.83%- 8093 and hackers 0.40% 5555 0.39% 6666 10.37% 1122 may be aware of these too. of all PINS could 0.00074% 8068 be guessed by trying these 20 combinations. 0.30% 1313 T. 0.29% 4321 0.30% ৪888 IF THE TOP 20 passwords were The best type of PIN to have is something that isn't memorable in any way. uniformly and 0.29% 20 2001 0.29% randomly distributed, they would account for only 0.2% of the total. 1010 INTERESTING FACTS When examining this data, the author was puzzled to find the seemingly random passcode 2580 near the top of 19XX PINS The most commonly used variations: 50 the list. He soon realized that this number Radio of [19]xx to [non-19]xx is significant because those numbers run down the center of a telephone keypad. 40 2580 30 20 ХҮXY 17.8% Of all PINS include repeating couplet pairs, XYXY, like 1212. 10 Many commonly used PINS can be interpreted as years. Consequently, many people may use birthdays or anniversary years as their PIN. 19 There's a strong bias toward people starting their PIN with a 0 or 1. This may not be the best option for you, as every single 19XX combination can be found in the top fifth of commonly used PINS. 33% of all codes can be guessed by trying 61 distinct combinations. HOW TO KEEP IT SAFE Never share your PIN. BANKCARD **** Do not write the PIN on your card or keep it written down in Don't use an Shield your PIN as you type it in to an ATM or other machine. Have different PINS easy-to-guess PIN. for different cards. your wallet. SOURCES V BACKGROUNDCHECK ORG | | | || Information provided by:

How Safe Is Your PIN?

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Shows the most used PINs and their variations out of 10,000 possible combinations.


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