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How the Remote Control has Led to the Downfall of Society

HOW THE REMOT E CONTROL has led to the DOWNFALL OF SOCIETY HISTORY OF THE REMOTE CONTROL 1898 1950 1956 1980s Nikola Tesla demonstrated Eugene Polley developed the "Lazy Bone" remote control: a cord connected Robert Adler invented the Remotes began using infrared light signals (remain popular today) the world's first practical "Space Command" remote control: wireless, high- frequency, ultrasonic sound remote-controlled boat (i.e. "teleautomaton") the handheld device and the TV Remotes became popular for so many systems that there was "remote overload" This led lo universal remoles Things controlled with a remote control: Universal remotes are programmed to control a multitude of digital devices: car door locks air conditioner ceiling fan cable box climate controller garage door model airplane security system satellite box light controller REMOTE CONTROLLED WAR 1916 1918 First unmanned flight occurred March 6, 1918 'point and fly' technique - gyroscopes for direction and barometer to figure out height Photograph: Michael Drape Drones helped lead to advances in this new type of warfare First pilotless drone Photo by: Cpl. developed for the US navy by Elmer Sperry and Peter Hewitt Paul Leich Could lead to dehumanization of both the enemy and civilians Physically removed from danger and casualties Armed forces could direct Emotions/subjectivity replaced by objective decision-making armaments from a distance WWI Drones today can be controlled from virtually anywhere The first drone, WW's Kettering Bug could fly up to 75 miles WOI Range of guided missiles and torpedoes deployed remote controls detonated bombs for the 1st time The German military was using the Ruhustahl SD 1400 “Fritz X" 1943 radio-controlled bomb Had to be dropped by plane over the target Recent use of drones by the military: Remote-controlled aircraft that can carry weapons, cameras, and sensors across territory The US MQ-1 Predator Drone Used for: Armed reconnaissance, airborne surveillance and target acquisition Speed: Cruise speed around 84 mph, up to 135 mph Range: Up to 770 miles Ceiling: Up to 25,000 feet Armament: Two laser-guided Wingspan: 55 feet Weight: 1,130 lbs when empty AGM-114 Hellfire missiles Increasing number of drones are being deployed by the US military: 2002 2013 Unit Cost: $20 million <200 |11,000 CIVILIAN DRONES Uses for personal drones: Uses for commercial drones: cinematography (filming movies) used as platfo tour guide “hobby" - for unmanned flig fitness companion bodyguard enthusiasts for cameras photography surveying overhead umbrella crop management dog walker amateur cartography parcel delivery THE FUTURE OF THE REMOTE CONTROL There have been some innovation/advancements of remote controls over the last five years Microsoft's SmartGlass Turns your tablet or smartphone into a remote touchpad to navigate Microsoft's Kinect Xbox 360 menus No need to hold any sort of controller to control console games Possible dangers associated with future iterations of the remote control? Automated tasks controlled by increasingly powerful/intelligent robots Vulnerable to hackers Wifi vulnerability • function as (essentially) the brain, muscle, and remote if a single centralized remote can control all of your electronic devices (smart phone, tablet, computer, entertainment system, gaming console, etc.), all data entered could be at risk • man-power progressively being replaced by robots machines/robots can complete tasks more fewer mistakes and much more quickly than humans are able We hold the power in our hands. What will we control next? Sources: PANNAM IMAGING advanced interface solutions DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING

How the Remote Control has Led to the Downfall of Society

shared by NowSourcing on Jan 20
Remote controls are great, but is there a downside to them? This infographic looks at how the remote control may have led to the downfall of society.


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